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Email marketing refers to promoting products or services using electronic media. It is a powerful method to reach many people and increase your product or service sales. It is also a cost-effective process for your marketing budget. 

Digital marketing is progressing at an exponential rate with many evolving tactics. Many marketing strategies expand your business by getting you close to a larger volume of customers worldwide. 

I’m Asraf Masum, and I can’t wait to discuss the Q by Substrata AppSumo Lifetime Deals with you today! ― Read the section below to get more information about the Q by Substrata review.

When you start an effective digital marketing program, managing loads of emails and getting the right people to open them is a challenging step to cope with. Many automated platforms are available to help you with this task. 

Q is among the most effective and advanced B2B sales online platforms.

This article will help you to learn more about Q by Substrata’s sales email management and marketing tool and how to use it effectively.

Q by Substrata AppSumo Lifetime Deals: Is it helpful for business growth?

What is Q by Substrata?

Q by Substrata AppSumo Lifetime deals is a sales email management system that allows you to manage your email with a simple interface for B2B Sales. This tool is developed with millions of sales information analyzing a wide range of customer activity.

Q by substrata is built using data-driven behavioral AI-based technology to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information about customers’ intentions and activities. Which can lead you to enhance the chance of winning the deal from the client’s end.

Substrata is dedicated to updating and improving the system by consistently analyzing millions of sales data and customer activities.

Get lifetime access to Q by Substrata today!

How do Q By Substrata work?

Q by substrata AI behavioral technology-based software works as a digital platform to effectively examine sales emails and conversations with clients to reach their target customers. This will help the company to enhance and complete more effective deals to increase the sales of its products.

Q is trained with more than ten million enriched sales data by identifying every email conversation with the most effective sales techniques. 

You can thoroughly check the data about your activity and how you are being accepted by your clients and apply actions regarding that to drive sales. 

Many advanced marketing techniques have been implemented by Q, including a thorough email conversation analysis and real-time data-driven recommendations to respond to customer emails effectively, which can lead you to maximize customer reach. Q properties also help you research your communication skills and develop marketing strategies.

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Q software’s sales technology can enable escalating communication effectiveness by analyzing complex data and providing decision-makers insights to accomplish a successful deal. The system inspects the realistic subtext in customers’ emails and gestural signals during conference communication (calls).

It analyzes email interactions to fix your anticipation and attitude to evaluate your email communication. The system allows calculating deal perception with a deep learning process, leading you to push the sales ahead using appropriate signals. It can guide you on which step should be taken for your next step to make a positive sale.

How can Q by substrata help you?

Your email marketing efforts can be enhanced with AI-based simulator. Q is experienced and an expert in inspecting any communication attempt or pattern to surpass future trading. Following sentiment, affinity, competence, and response, Q will review your email and provide a qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Thorough research on your behavioral identification, including intention, email response time, and sentiment, will help you to make the best decisions. Tailor your email content to your audience and use Q to maximize your success.

This artificial intelligence mechanism developed tool can help you to optimize your email sales and accomplish many B2B deals with your target audience. Q can unveil the hidden patterns in your email conversation to expand sales marketing. 

Its constant email reading and researching technique is not an easy procedure that you can conduct manually. Q is a perfect tool to review text, time frame, response analysis, and check word count to improve the performance of your email marketing for sales. 

The system allows inspecting any missed behavioral attitude from your activities and gives you the chance to learn and improve your performance. It can generate an effective email reply and update it until your successful approach.

Advanced Features of Q by Substrata AppSumo Lifetime Deals!

Q by substrata digital platform offers many advanced sales email marketing features. Let’s have a look at some features from Q:

Creates Better Selling Zone

This email marketing can also create a better customer experience to increase your sales. This AI technology-based tool can conduct effective keyword research by analyzing customers’ intent, find out hidden search terms, and optimizing the strong communication pattern to build a better sales funnel. 

Email and Thread Analysis

An email thread starts with a single organic email and maintains all subsequent relevant replies and forwards in the thread of emails. Instant messaging and chat are considered conversations that can be threaded using an automated system. 

Q platform detects conversation threads and provides the ability to enhance email responses with additional information. Its mechanism to analyze email threading is advanced and developed smartly to improve email marketing strategies for sales.

Average perceived competence

Understanding perceived competence in sales is a crucial factor in sustaining and achieving success in the market. Effective sales skills are one of the important keys to studying and coping for increased sales performance. If you want to be a sales professional without this skill, you can’t improve your sales performance.

Without being worried, you can give the responsibility for your email sales to Q to perceive competence in sales skills. This system is implemented by using an effective algorithm capable of studying emails to identify the average perceived competence to increase your sales.

Practical/Pragmatic Sentiment Analysis

The pragmatic or practical message analysis helps to find out the core meaning of any text. Sentimental analysis is a pragmatic analysis aiming to find out emotions in any text message. But it is more focused on people’s feelings, attitudes, views, and assessments about products or services.

Q by substrata offers this advanced feature to help you analyze text messages to reach our target audience.  

Effective Next Move Suggestions

By analyzing and thoroughly researching customers’ emails, Q can suggest your next move while replying to customer messages. According to the study, this system inspects email threads to understand customers’ needs and intentions to suggest replies.

If you can’t realize the user’s intention to reply to an effective response, it can lead you to lose the deal. Q is a tool to generate and recommend the next move for customer emails which can confidently show you the winning deal reply. 

Draft-mode simulator

Q is offering you a smart email draft simulator platform. It has more than 10 million users’ data to write a proper and efficient draft for you, not to lose sales. The customized smart draft simulator allows you to practice and create the best email for your clients.

If you can write and catch the correct email format to reach your audience, your sales will undoubtedly boost; this is how Q will help you write better emails. 

Upper-hand analysis

In any business, marketing is mainly about selecting the right strategies to reach the target audience. Digital marketing holds the upper hand in marketing techniques over traditional methods. Online product promotion is one of the key features of digital marketing.

Using an enormous customer database targeting specific individuals, Q can pick the proper channels to reach, leading you to get your target market through Q’s smart sales email strategy. 

Real-time Event Push Notification

Real-time notifications are push notifications transmitted from server to server with relevant data or emails about promoting a product or events in a specific time frame. Real-time notifications keep clients alert and updated about any changes for your successful marketing campaign. Also, this can be used to keep track or monitor product or service purchase analytics.

Not all push notifications can create interest and views by your target audience. Q platform is eligible to read customers’ emails deeply to understand their needs and interests. Depending on this research, Q can send proper real-time notification emails and make customers open these emails. 

Aggregate Interaction Analytics

Aggregate interaction analysis is raw data about customers’ or audiences’ interactions with digital media. These analytics include many parameters and insights about people, which can be used to improve the engagement rate for your sales product or service.

Interaction analysis can not be made independently, but it can boost communication performance when collected in an aggregate form. Q by substrata can help to improve the engagement rate by doing an effective aggregate interaction analysis using customer actions and interactions via email conversation.

Are You Ready for Action?

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The draft simulator can give you the best email sample before sending it to the customer. Email drafts are generated by determining the effective interactions with the customer, which can ensure your deal’s success.
  • With the deep learning process, Q by substrata can evaluate deals perception that will help you to make better deals with your customers.
  • Q allows you to evaluate your communication patterns and performance for future sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Instant recommendations will always pop up to improve and modify the best response until the email sample is sent to the customer.
  • Q’s advanced AI technology helps you identify behavioral patterns such as pragmatic sentiment analysis, response time, and interaction analysis.
  • The email marketing tool helps you gain quantitative and qualitative insights based on upper-hand analysis, competence, and empathy to reach a wider audience.
  • Q by substrata can create a better selling zone by analyzing the right words and activities from your and the customer’s end.
  • This system allows you to review your message by evaluating word count, time analysis, and other crucial pieces of information.
  • It can identify your overlooked behavioral patterns and provide the right advice to learn from your missed chance.


From the users’ end, there isn’t any report about serious problems with this tool. But some users suggested having more team admin features and improvised or upgraded sentiment analysis features. The substrata team is always dedicated and on the stand to update and improvise the system to reach users’ satisfaction with a better performance rate.


Q by Substrata AppSumo Lifetime Deals is an all-in-one sales marketing tool for email management. It is a great tool for email marketing that can help you to send a better email to your audience. Managing sales emails manually is not an easy process to do with many smart analytics. This automated AI platform can provide many advanced and smart features for sales email marketing that can enable you to meet a larger volume of customers for your small or enterprise business.

Frequently Asked

Is Q by Substrata a free tool/software for sales email marketing?

No, this online platform for increased B2B sales is a paid tool. However, now Substrata is offering you to buy a lifetime deal with reasonable pricing from Appsumo. You can get a lifetime service from Q if you purchase it from Appsumo for your best sales marketing experience.

What is the pricing of Q by Substrata?

Substrata team didn’t publish any customized pricing list yet, but from Appsumo, you can buy this tool for a lifetime deal at $79.

Can Q increase your winning deal count?

Yes. Many users reviewed that Q by Substrata is a great tool for sales email marketing to increase your winning deals. It can perform well like the professional level of guidance and support you can get from a team of sales experts.

Is Q's CRM integration accessible for all clients?

No, Q by substrata provides the CRM integration platform to only enterprise clients. Small businesses and startups cannot use this feature.


Are you ready to take action?

Q. Why You Should Take Action Before You Feel Ready But, Not After? A. Taking action before you’re ready will boost your motivation with Q by Substrata AppSumo Lifetime Deals.

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