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Publish: 15 Oct, 2022
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WordPress is used on over 455 million websites for its user-friendly and simple interface. WordPress usage is still rapidly increasing. So, it is crucial for your WPwebsite, to function properly. Many visitors will leave your website if it operates slowly and takes a long time to load.

I’m Asraf Masum, and I can’t wait to discuss the Rabbitloader Lifetime Deal with you today! ― Is it an Alternative to NitroPackWP Rocket? ― Read the section below to get more information about the DocPro review.

Since WordPress is a popular website platform, many tools and plugins are already in the market. These plugins can make a WordPress website more efficient and easy for users and developers.

Rabbitloader is such an amazing tool and is loved by many users. In this post, we will discuss more details about Rabbitloader.

What is Rabbitloader?

RabbitLoader is a WordPress and WooCommerce site plugin. It enables fast loading, content minification, and CDN caching to speed up websites.

You might think that adding several plugins would speed up your website’s loading. Yet, the opposite is true. To ensure a Google-optimized user experience, you have to install plugins. That can compress information, slowly load graphics, and cache everything.

Rabbitloader is a single solution that could replace all those other plugins. Resulting in a WordPress site that loads quickly and performs better in search engine results.

Get lifetime access to Rabbitloader

Key Features Of Rabbitloader

Boost Page Speed Score

Your Website Speed Score will always be 100 out of 100 with RabbitLoader. What factors contribute to a poor PageSpeed score, and how might RabbitLoader assist in improving it?

Core Web Vitals

A successful user experience depends on several quality signals. And Google has launched the Web Vitals program to give standardized recommendations for these signals. Rabbitloader assists you in enhancing FCP, FID, and CLS timings, which will raise the quality and ranking of your website.

First Contentful Paint

FCP is where a page’s content (often text or an image) is displayed on the screen so the user can view it. This plugin reduces render-blocking JS and CSS. It increases server response speeds and off-screen payload by enhancing FCP.

First Input Delay

FID measures the browser’s time to begin processing a user’s interaction with the page. FID should be less than 100 milliseconds on a decent website. It decreases the main thread’s workload and enables the browser to react to user inputs within 50 milliseconds. RabbitLoader can assist with reducing the FID time.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

LCP measures how long a website takes to load fully and allows the browser to show the most visible content.

For LCP to render generally within 2.5 seconds, this plugin ensures that the LCP element and any necessary styles are loaded as quickly as feasible.

Load Website in Milliseconds

Better Google Core Web Vitals and a faster website will enable you to rank higher on Google. And this is all done without any coding experience.

Prioritize Critical Resources

Your visitors will initially view the content above the fold before they scroll down the page.

Efficient Compression & Caching

It uses a variety of contemporary technologies to offer content compression. And distributed from a global set of servers.

Image Optimization

It is possible to transfer WebP pictures faster, even over slow networks, because they are smaller than JPEG and PNG files.

Integrated Standard & Premium CDN

With Rabbitloader’s integrated CDN, the lowest latency is assured worldwide.

Top-notch CDN with 300+ PoPs

With more than 300 facilities across 47 nations, RabbitLoader offers the world’s greatest Content Delivery Network (CDN).

10x Lower Latency

Over 300 points of presence make up our premium CDN solution (PoPs). Since these PoPs are dispersed worldwide, worldwide visitors to a website would be sent to the PoP closest to them rather than being sent to the origin server.

Serve Even When Origin is Down

When a technical issue prevents people from accessing your website, RabbitLoader is 

there to support you.

Resource Retention

Rabbitloader stores the Images, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other materials sent to clients in CDN nodes with the proper expiration dates.

Automatic Switchover

Any issue with the origin’s server prevents it from responding to new signals.

Rabbitloader manages the cached version of the page from the cloud in real time.

What Are The Benefits of Rabbitloaders?

  • Each webpage should prioritize important above-the-fold CSS, and any material that prevents rendering should be loaded slowly.
  • Even HTML and JavaScript may be minified to speed up website response times and cut request volumes.
  • RabbitLoader plugin can be integrated with WooCommerce. 
  • RabbitLoader functions for hosting sharing, customized, or virtual private servers. Any website will load quickly, regardless of the hosting information.

Rabbitloader lifetime Appsumo deal 

License Tier 1 ($59) lifetime 

This package includes 100 GB of traffic bandwidth per month. Access five websites, add up to 25-page rules, and view the pages as often as you like.

License Tier 2 ($109)

Access unlimited websites and 250 GB of traffic bandwidth monthly. You can set up as many page rules as you like, so you won’t have to worry about counting. 

License Tier 3 ($189)

With unlimited access to all the other facilities, you get 500 GB of traffic bandwidth per month!

License Tier 4 ($339)

Obtain unlimited access to other facilities of the app and 1 TB of traffic bandwidth per month for $339.

Lifetime Deal of Rabbitloader

Appsumo offers a Rabbitloader lifetime deal at just $59

Wow!!! That’s really great news for you. AppSumo currently offers lifetime access to this software for as little as $59.00 ($.900).

Important Note: (The majority of these bargains will be sold out within one week of their initial release on AppSumo). So, ensure you get your hands on them while you still can).

60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out for two months to ensure it’s right for you! Make sure you don’t miss any fantastic limited-time offers.

Pros and Cons of Rabbitloader:


  • RabbitLoader enhances your site’s overall user experience while boosting important performance indicators.
  • Reduce the size of photos using WebP format to improve webpage load speeds.
  • Without requiring any coding or technical knowledge, RabbitLoader assists you in raising your Google Pagespeed score for each URL.
  • There are different price packages available for this product.


Rabbitloader doesn’t have a user-friendly dashboard. Apart from that, we didn’t notice any cons of the plugin. 

Are You Ready for Action?


Rabbitloader is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows for decreasing the loading time of any website. The entire technical process is handled by RabbitLoader, allowing any WordPress or WooCommerce site to load quickly. This plugin has already boosted many websites’ speed, so if you didn’t try it yet, give it a go!

Frequently Asked

How Does RabbitLoader Work?

RabbitLoader is a cache management technology for websites that helps to fasten the loading speed of any WordPress website. It also can be integrated with WooCommerce.

How to Install & Use RabbitLoader?

In case you have a WordPress website, go to the plugin option. To find it write Rabbitloader, and you can see the option will pop up. Activate it on your website.

RabbitLoader Pricing – Is there any Lifetime Deal?

Appsumo’s Rabbitloader lifetime deal offers a one-time purchase at $59 with 100GB bandwidth traffic, 5 websites, 25-page rules, and unlimited page views.

What Are the Features of RabbitLoader?

Rabbitloader’s main features are – Boost PageSpeed Score, Sub-second Loading Time, Integrated Premium CDN, and Origin Fallback (backup from caches)

Is the RabbitLoader lifetime deal worth it?

The deal is worth enough as you get lifetime access for only one payment.

Are you ready to take action?

Q. Why You Should Take Action Before You Feel Ready But, Not After? A. Taking action before you’re ready will boost your motivation.


Written by ASRAF MASUM

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