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Knowing why you want a CRM system in the first place is essential. A CRM system can help your business if you outline clear goals. To help clarify goals, start with a business audit or gap analysis. Perfex CRM can help you appear more professional to your customers and improve business performance simultaneously.

What is Perfex CRM?

Perfex CRM is the powerful Project Management Feature that is an excellent fit for almost any company, freelancer, or other uses. CRM is customer relationship management. But it generally refers to a tool or solution that helps businesses track and manage customer and prospect interactions.

Perfex CRM benefits:

Best Selling Open Source CRM:

The most popular open source CRM on Codecanyon

All-in-one CRM:

The platform for a client experience is very adaptable and integrated

Team Alignment:

Align your operations, marketing, and sales with Perfex CRM to reduce snags.

A better understanding of the possibilities:

Identify your most potential customers with intuitive psychographic and demographic factors.

Unlimited third-party integration:

Connect any app to Perfex CRM and automate your workflow.

Which services do you get from The Perfex CRM?

The Perfex CRM offers comprehensive CRM services to provide healthy workflow management. Do not be afraid to contact the experience!

Get a free consultation:

We at Perfex CRM are firm believers in the value of dialogue. Understanding is the first and foremost step toward perfect CRM software. We ensure that our customers and CRM experts are on the same page.

Therefore, we start with a free consultation service where we listen to our clients. It ensures we thoroughly understand what our clients want from a CRM system. Our consultancy services cover all areas, from the client’s goals to the technical methods by which we can achieve them.

Custom CRM Development:

Our team of CRM experts provides tailored CRM solutions for all types of businesses. Whether you have a small business or a large complex company, we understand that meeting the best needs of customers is the primary goal of every firm. We ensure that our customised CRM software helps businesses manage their workflows in the most organised manner. Our mission is to help your clients improve the efficiency of their employees and turn more leads into paying customers.

Custom module development:

Modules are meant to enhance the capabilities of any CRM system. At Perfex CRM, we design custom modules for our clients to ensure smoother workflow management. It helps improve the CRM experience, making it comprehensive and user-specific. Perfex CRM custom modules are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. We not only offer customisation on already made modules but also create customised modules from scratch.

Perfex CRM Mobile App Development:

Your business can manage while you’re on the road with the Perfex CRM mobile app. It allows you to stay connected with your team even when you are not in the office. Also, the mobile app will enable you to monitor the leads closely. You can run marketing campaigns, respond to information, schedule meetings, make follow-up calls, and manage projects as you do on a PC.


Perfex CRM provides seamless integration with third-party apps and software. We aim to provide you with an all-inclusive platform. We help you stay focused and organised by letting you manage data from all your business apps in one place. Transfer your contacts, call and send messages, manage email marketing, import ledgers, and sync payment and sales data in one place with Perfex CRM integration in a few clicks.


The process of creating a CRM solution is not complete. We see our customers off to a bright start and ensure that end users can get the best out of our products. Training from MyPerfexCRM helps your employees familiarise themselves with the system. It allows them to understand the ins and outs of the CRM system and use it to its full potential. Whether in admin, sales force, or HR, we provide training to users at every level of a company’s hierarchy.


Project Management Tools:

With Perfex CRM, project management has never been simpler. Track project progress, staff performance against assigned work, invoice generation, cost, and time effectively and efficiently.

Create an invoice in one click:

With Perfex CRM, creating professional invoices is easy. You attach the file and send it to your customer with the auto-generated PDF invoice. For the management of load and productivity, create recurring bills.

Make assumptions:

They are determining success metrics that contribute to effectively managing customer relationships. So, when a customer asks to generate an estimate, Perfex CRM automatically handles it and returns it instantly.

Create attractive proposals:

Develop your brand reputation by sending designed offers to your prospects and customers. Perfex CRM offers everything to include in bids, like images, videos, and tables.

Leadership Management:

By considering all psychographic and demographic criteria, Perfex CRM assists in identifying the most potential clients. It improves sales team productivity by focusing on the best prospects in real-time.

Record Cost:

Setting up a recurring sheet to record all expenses is simple with Perfex CRM. You only need to set billable costs over time, and Perfex CRM will do the rest.

Record the payment:

No matter what currency is used, Perfex CRM records every payment you receive. Auto-generated files record each transaction and generate PDFs after each transaction for your review.

Awesome Support System:

Customer support is vital to customer retention. When your customers create a query, Perfex CRM assigns an auto-generated ticket to keep them engaged and alert you to respond promptly and efficiently.

Knowledge base for customers and staff members:

Our blogs on My Perfex CRM keep you updated and expand your knowledge base with authentic and accurate information. You can comment on the information provided in a blog.

Built-in Staff Tasks:

Perfex CRM provides built-in employee monitoring features to track all employees by assigning built-in tasks with deadlines to hold them accountable.

Manage Contracts:

Perfex CRM provides built-in contracts to convert simple documents into legally binding contracts. You can make a PDF document, add built-in features, and email it immediately.

Send surveys to leads and customers:

Creating surveys is always an effective strategy to engage customers more effectively. You may develop and distribute Perfex CRM surveys to all leads, clients, and employees.

Detailed Calendar:

Perfex CRM lets you manage events, meetings, tasks, deadlines, resources, schedules, and projects with an integrated and detailed calendar. So you can recognise your location immediately.

Company newsfeed:

To share your company’s event information, new product launches, or anything else, you must add all the necessary data to Perfex CRM. It also offers an accessible employee communication channel.

Goal Tracking:

When you use Perfex CRM, you must keep tabs on your workforce, output, and objectives. You can set your goals using CRM software and focus on what you have achieved and still want to achieve.

Create additional custom fields:

Want to add additional fields to any module? Perfex CRM has it covered. Please tell us the areas you are looking for and get it done. Contact us for more information.

Simple report for a quick overview:

What reports do you want in real-time on costs, sales, employee productivity, timesheets, payroll, or confirmed leads? Perfex CRM has every message in the bucket.

Survey Report:

With Perfex CRM, you can not only create surveys to engage prospects, but you can get feedback and generate reports from using Perfex CRM. These reports are better off being shared on social media!

Frequently Asked

How Can I Use Perfex CRM Without Internet on Localhost Installation?

Generally, you can use Perfex CRM without internet on localhost installation, but you will need to lose the benefits from some features, for example:

  • Dropbox file chooser
  • real-time notifications.
  • Auto updates.
  • Google Recaptcha
  • Media
  • All Online payment gateways
  • E-Signature (v2.0.0 and above)

You won’t even need the features mentioned when using Perfex CRM offline, but it’s worth mentioning.

How to Rate Perfex CRM?

Good ratings will help other users to make a comfortable decision while choosing Perfex CRM and be assured of our support. Also, good ratings will allow for further development and improvements.

How Can I use Cloudflare with Perfex CRM?

You can use Cloudflare with Perfex CRM, but you need to disable a Cloudflare feature and always remember to clear your Cloudflare cache after every update. Read the below points:

  • Make sure the Cloudflare Rocket Loader feature is disabled.
  • After every update, permanently remove your Cloudflare cache.
Can I translate Perfex CRM?

Yes! You can translate Perfex CRM very easily. Follow the documentation instructions and translate it to your language.

What is the reminder feature in Perfex CRM?

The reminder feature in Perfex CRM is designed for staff members. The member will notify about some of their actions (eq., call a customer, or schedule a meeting). This option does not allow you to forget anything about your customers.

The staff member will receive built-in notifications when you set up reminders for a staff member on a specific date and will receive emails if the Send an email to this staff member field is checked.


 Additional functions include files, notes, reports, and follow-ups. CRMs need to focus on customers. Perfex CRM’s robust support system helps you quickly track and resolve issues with an integrated ticket system and customer reminders. Assign reminders to yourself, one or more employees, and with one click, reminders can send to email and in-app notification systems. Customer satisfaction can increase to a new level thanks to these features.

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