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Written by ASRAF MASUM

Publish: 5 Sep, 2022
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You can manage email marketing for your objectives effectively using MailWizz. However, MailWizz’s simple integration with payment systems like Paypal allows you to easily design price plans, promotional offers, and all the tools you require for your clients. This way, you may also start serving as their email service provider. Organize customer orders and purchases. There has no limit to the number of subscriber lists to whom you can send large email campaigns. You can treat several websites as clients and have an unlimited number of newsletter subscribers if you administer newsletters for them all.

What is MailWizz-email marketing software?

MailWizz is an efficient, simple, and full-featured self-hosted email marketing software with an attractive feature set. MailWizz is an email marketing application. You can use it to manage email marketing for all your websites, keeping everything related to email in one place. MailWizz simplifies email marketing tasks, and It doesn’t matter if you have experience or are a beginner in the industry. It follows all the ideas that email marketing should be accessible to everyone, as simple as possible.

What do you like best about MailWizz?

We used the admin and customer sections separately to manage email campaigns.

The dashboard email box and blocklist monitor are user-friendly to view.

Easily send mass emails while using multiple user groups for email campaigns.

It offers a multi-language option to translate into your language for a better view.

You may send bulk emails to customers and store business email campaigns using a secure database. Customize landing pages for email campaigns using multiple templates.

You can send personalized emails using expert email marketing tools for organizations.

Where did you buy the Mailwizz PHP script?

You can purchase a regular license for Mailwizz as a one-time payment for unlimited usage at no additional monthly cost. You can buy it here.

How to install MailWizz?

Below are the steps for installing MailWizz:-

Download and extract the Mailwizz zip file.

Go to the extracted file and compress the folder under the latest folder.

Access your domain hosting platform through Cpanel.

Create a folder under your public_html directory.

Open a newsletter folder and upload the MailWizz zipped file.

Install MailWizz with index.php.

Set up database through hosting Cpanel.

Enter the database name, username, and password.

Set up the cron job.

How is MailWizz benefiting you?

MailWizz is a feature-packed email marketing application that helps us send emails, monitor campaigns, reach customers and keep in touch with our contacts. To manage our lists, it offers a simple web interface, design email templates, and statistics about our campaign results. We may also maintain lists of users or domains we wish to block so that we do not receive unwanted emails from them through the Website. Email marketing software manages subscribers and territories and sends newsletters and emails with optimal deliverability. It is beneficial to generate business subscribers at an affordable price and provides a secure server to develop campaigns. Can do easy customization by creating landing pages and setting content images to attract customers. MailWizz is useful that delivers valuable results instantly without wasting a second. I can work efficiently while using. Any organization needs this helpful app to work.

MailWizz Features:

Subscriber Management.

Image Library.

Mailing list management.

Template Management.


CAN SPAM Compliance.

Dynamic content.


Drip Campaigns.

WYSIWYG Email Editor.

Why do you recommend others to consider MailWizz?

With perfect dependability and security, MailWizz is a specialized email system that can send numerous emails at once in high volume. MailWizz has no monthly fees, free plugins, or additional expenditures. Working with your clients and prospects in this manner is fantastic and successful. Make sure you have developers on your team to set up MailWizz correctly and that it is functional enough for your email marketing.


Ease of use and setup was quick, and I could send my emails without paying a huge subscription fee to autoresponder companies.

Allows you to set up a fully functional drip campaign and manage huge lists at a fraction of the cost of other email management systems.

Excellent, competent, and attentive service from the developer. fast too


If you buy it with a support-only subscription, you’ll have to figure out the technical details yourself, which are limited.

Much technical knowledge and tweaking are required, which wastes some time.

The UI could use a little more colour and style.


MailWizz is a cloud-based email marketing software and a delivery system that enables experts to send personalized, high-quality emails to our customer lists. It delivers our emails to multiple devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. We are using IP location technology. Email marketing software is one of the most effective ways to connect with our customers regularly. MailWizz provides us with the tools to manage an email database containing thousands of subscribers effectively. MailWizz allows us to set up campaigns to communicate with customers regularly, thus converting them into customers over time.

If we have curious you about MailWizz, give it a try and improve your business.

Frequently Asked

Who are the typical users of MailWizz?

MailWizz has the following familiar customers: Startups, Agencies, SMEs, and Enterprises.

Which operating system does MailWizz support?

MailWizz supports the following operating system: Web App and Windows.

What payment method does MailWizz support?

MailWizz supports the following payment methods: Yearly and Monthly.

What is the deployment type?

MailWizz has Cloud Based deployment.

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