The7 WordPress Theme Review – It’s Alternative to Xtra Theme?

Written by ASRAF MASUM

Publish: 5 Sep, 2022
Reading Time: 15 minutes

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Whether you’re aiming to start an online business or a logistics website, developing one requires a significant investment of resources and time? The7 Theme Builder is here to ease the process. 

Most of the time, due to the complexities involved in the construction procedures, it is easy to wind up with poor outcomes that do not reflect your original idea from the very beginning. This is precisely where The7 comes into play with all of its features and unique skills.

It’s Asraf Masum is here, and today, I can’t wait to tell you about the “The7 WordPress Theme Review”— It’s an Alternative to Xtra?

Notes: The7: Building a website has never been this easier!

Based on WordPress, The7 is by far the most robust Elementor theme, performing its duties with ease and efficiency. The7 is versatile in nature, since a decent website is all about scalability and customization. In addition to its advanced features, The7 is simple to learn and utilize for business owners.

The7 allows its customers full freedom and makes it simple to customize websites.

The The7 wordpress theme is fully equipped with 2022′s most popular features. Due to the fact that visitors and customers are savvier than ever, a regular website with conventional features will not attract everyone’s attention. However, with The7, it is possible to break past these limitations and significantly increase a website’s functionality.


What’s possible with The7? 

The7’s adaptability makes it suitable for any purpose. You can create everything from a basic Blog to a sophisticated Logistics or e-Commerce website without breaking the bank. Modern websites rely on a multitude of subtle features that are initially difficult to see, such as typography

With The7, you can take care of these elements in a matter of minutes, as the Theme allows for extensive customization. The7 allows you to create a website based on your own conception of what a website should be.

Competitive Features of The7

The7 is not a conventional theme that just allows you to manipulate the most apparent content; you can also modify things behind the scenes.

The7 Theme has trendy characteristics such as Floating Headers, Scrollbar Colors, Mega Menus, Hero Sections, Heavily Customizable Footers, Page Templates, and Advanced Filtering.

Additionally, Elementor greatly helps The7’s usability as a theme. It’s not just for aesthetics; The7 is the epitome of beauty with brains.

A plethora of Widgets to make your day easier! 

Widgets are important necessities for constructing a fully functional, personalized website. Widgets in The7 serve as additions to Elementor’s already productive capabilities.

According to The7, they have 26 General Content Widgets, 24 WooCommerce Widgets, and 22 Theme Builder Widgets, in addition to the Portfolios and Testimonials widgets that were just added. Widgets in The7 enhance your ability to design truly unique websites outside of your professional interests.

Adding new widgets in The7 is a simple process, requiring only two or three steps.

SEO support and Value for Money Aspects of The7

Optimizing a website for search engines takes a great deal of care. It’s not as simple as including two or three keywords in a post; everything must make sense in order to attain the optimal Google Search ranking
The7’s extensive feature set enables you to create the ideal SEO-friendly website, increasing your business’s or blog’s chances of long-term success. With guaranteed Lifetime updates,

The7 is the most cost-effective theme.

Without a doubt, plugins improve the aesthetics and functionality of your website; The7′s collection of free and premium plugins gives the optimal answer for all your technical needs. In addition, The7 can accommodate virtually an unlimited number of Headers and allows you to swap between Themes with a few clicks.

The7’s pricing begins at $39 USD, and the bundle includes 48 pre-made websites, 60+ dummy sites, and premium plugins to simplify your workload. It should now be obvious why The7 is the most popular Elementor theme, with over 200,000 users globally. Considering the abundance of accessible plugins and widgets, developing an ecosystem based on the The7 theme is a pleasure from all perspectives.

360 eCommerce support via WooCommerce 

If you intend to expand your online business, WooCommerce is the software of choice due to its compatibility, usability, and capabilities. The The7 Theme allows you to construct your eCommerce website to your specifications. Utilizing all of The7 and Woo Commerce’s available capabilities will provide your clients with a truly exceptional online shopping experience.

The7 takes care of all the essential eCommerce features, such as Product Pages, well-detailed descriptions, carts, and lists, as well as advanced capabilities such as fully customizable storefronts and secure checkouts, etc.


Additional Support for WPBakery

Although Elementor has surpassed it, WPBakery is also an amazing page builder and is supported by The7. Users who are familiar with WPBakery will not need to learn Elementor in order to use The7, which is excellent news.

In addition, WPBakery includes “Ultimate Addons” that enable you to add shortcodes where necessary.

Every minute matters for the modern entrepreneur, who relies on agile, rapid development strategies. The7 is the default option for new business owners and people who wish to construct an online portfolio due to its time efficiency.

A Complete package for the entrepreneurs

Starting a business is easy, at least on a surface level; it’s the establishment that takes months, if not years. In this day and age, a website stands between you and your customers as the sole outlet of your business and everything it represents. 

A decent website is the first impression of your business and also the last one. Your customer’s decision to buy something from your website totally depends on its design and outlook.

Trustable-looking websites have a higher chance of generating more revenues than typical sites.

The7 takes care of these basics and delivers more than anyone can expect. Gone are the days of searching for web developers, tools, and software; The7, combined with Elementor, is able to offer an unbelievable experience, at least for the development stage. 

Whether you need a website tonight or in a week, The7 has a theme pack that covers every common business and enterprise.

Coupled with Elementor, The7’s collection of industry-standard themes is completely futureproofed and eye-catchy.

While WordPress ensures the foundations are alright, The7 adds an extra layer to your website. 

There are plenty of reasons why entrepreneurs should choose the The7 theme to save time and money; however, that’s not the full picture. 

Maintaining a website is a bigger headache for most business owners rather than making one. Even in that aspect, The7’s ease of maintenance makes it an even better deal. Gone are the days of hiring people for maintenance; you can now do it yourself, thanks to The7.

Starting from WordPress updates and installing a new plugin, anything can be done in a few clicks.

LMS, done with style!

Tired of dealing with bugs in Zoom? 

Well, why not make an LMS of your own? With The7, it’s now possible to create an LMS platform for your educational institute as well. In light of the COVID pandemic, we have adapted to online classes, however, which came with an overload of challenges. 

Many educational institutes have entirely shifted to LMS-based platforms to continue their academic activities, and some of them have even developed their own websites for them. The7’s theme pack lets you choose the best possible.

EDU-Themed website without creating a fuss.

Streaming/Gaming, why stick to Twitch only?

We all know how hard it is to gain a decent follower base on Twitch or any other streaming platform. Well, some have realized the need for a streaming site of their own. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as to say, and setting up a streaming site could be a hefty task. Unless you are into The7, the task can be twice as stiff. 

In recent years, many top-rated streamers have built their own websites to stream their favorite games or content. Miraculously, it has been proven as a successful concept to switch to a self-run platform rather than living under the terms and conditions of big techs. 

Thankfully, The7’s customizability and modularity again have your ambition covered with dozens of templates and pre-made websites to choose from. With a few tweaks and changes, you can also go big and become the next sensation in the streaming industry. 

Make your personal blog even more Personal!

Blogging is undoubtedly the foreground of internet content. It’s literally the backbone of the writing industry. In the last decades, blogging has been a source of income for millions of people.

Today, with The7, it’s possible to create a super attractive blog site within hours, if not minutes. Along with pre-made blog sites, The7 lets you play around with their themes and make your blog reflect yourself. 

Visitors only come back when they know the site is fast, easy to navigate, and reliable. The7 is the perfect tool to meet such demands and create a flow of visitors to your blog. Whether it’s a blog site or a blog site, The7 have you covered. 

Regularly uploading content to your blog is also easy with The7, as you can create multiple easy-to-navigate menus and tabs for yourself and your readers. Not to mention that most blog site these days have

Night Mode and Dark Themes for improved eye comfort; with The7, you will never miss out on any trendy features.


The7 is vastly different from all existing WordPress Themes in the market, mostly due to its versatility and competitive offerings. Unlike other solutions available in the market, The7 works like a charm and is highly trusted around the world.

A theme is judged by its ability to make websites function and stand out; in this vast ocean of websites and businesses, The7 truly helps you to create a new identity that makes your desire to take things one step further.

Online businesses require you to concentrate on market, demand, and supply; the7 lets you take care of those matters while allowing you to take control of the website with ease. It reduces manpower costs and increases efficiency in any business. Buying The7 is like buying a new experience on the web.

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Frequently Asked

What is the Default Page Builder of The7 Theme?

The Elementor is the default page builder of The7 Theme and supports WPBakery.

What is The7 Theme?

It’s a WordPress-based theme known for its customizability and features. The7 theme supports a huge range of features, add-ons, plugins, and widgets. The7 theme has been able to build a huge fanbase in a limited amount of time due to its low-cost and high-feature policy.

Which Theme Builder is Best for WordPress?

With over 250,000 users and a starting price of only $39, The7 is the best theme builder available for WordPress. Due to The7’s popularity, usability, and features, they have quickly established itself at the top of the market.

What is a multi-purpose website?

A multipurpose website is where a user can expect more than one service or information. It could also mean that the website can do multiple things at once. Modern banking, streaming, and eCommerce websites are good examples of multi-purpose websites. Users should also be able to open their accounts on a multipurpose website to interact with it. This is unlike static websites.

Is WordPress a free website builder?

Yes, but you must spend on hosting, Paid/Premium Support, and Premium Themes & Plugins. For non-business usage, going for the free option is a good idea. Meanwhile, a business/eCommerce website would require many more features than what is available on the accessible version of WordPress. Furthermore, it’s a wise choice to start with the Premium option as changing the website design later on, is a bigger hassle.

Which is the best eCommerce solution with WordPress?

WooCommerce is known for its features and ease of usage for eCommerce websites based on WordPress. The7 Theme Builder fully supports WooCommerce features and extensions. It’s an excellent choice for opening up an online business requiring in-depth information about products, carting, and shipping. WooCommerce lets their user register virtually unlimited products with rating and review options.

What is the difference between WordPress and theme builder?

WordPress lets you create a foundation for your website, while a Theme Builder like The7 allows you to customize every aspect of your Website further. As a metaphor, we can take the example of the foundation of a structure which lies underground and the painting and architectural design of the building which is visible to our eyes. This is the core difference between WordPress and a Theme builder, although there are many areas where they differ as well.

How many page builders can you use with a WordPress website?

Yes, you can. However, they cannot intersect on the same page/post. For example, your Home page cannot support two different Page Builders simultaneously. However, the performance of your website can be harmed if you decide to mix up multiple page builders in a WordPress website. It’s better to stick with a single Page Builder and a Theme Builder as most Builders have enough features to construct a solid website.

What is the easiest WordPress theme to use?

The7 theme builder is by far the easiest and most effective Theme you can use. The learning curve is narrow, and it consumes less time. In The7, you’ll be able to find features and settings that are just a few clicks away. Most of them don’t even require any sort of learning; just basic knowledge of the internet should make up for it. The7’s interface design is down-to-earth and easy to understand; even older people can make their own website using The7 Theme Builder. As for the developers, it’ll be a walk-in-the-park experience to use The7.

What is the best WordPress theme for 2022?

The7 theme builder is the best WordPress of 2022, with the most downloads and positive reviews. It is also famous for its pricing and unique features and offers. In addition, The7 is a whole package, unlike other Theme Builders, where essential elements are often locked away in favour of premium payment. The7 makes its pricing and description clear, so you won’t be stuck with anything after purchasing the product. You can start working on your first website today for an absolute steal of a deal price of $39.

Is it worth buying a WordPress theme?

Yes, it provides a hassle-free experience for experienced and casual website developers. For non-developers, WordPress Themes like The7 can be a haven for developing their websites without spending too much. A theme is not just for looks; it lets you go in-depth and customize things accordingly. In most cases, The7, a theme builder, allows you to properly update & adjust your website to any form or shape without making any buzz. Since using The7 doesn’t require any expert knowledge of Web Development.

What is Elementor theme builder?

Elementor is a Page Builder that supports Theme Builders like The7, WPBakery, etc. As a Page Builder, Elementor is trusted by the development community as a reliable tool for quickly developing websites without much nuisance. Elementor is a drag-and-drop type of Page Builder that doesn’t require any sort of coding at the surface level.

Can I use Elementor with free WordPress?

– Yes, but to add exclusive features and make your website attractive, you might need to get the Premium Version of Elementor and WordPress. It is recommended to purchase the premium version unless you are happy with your blog, which doesn’t have a considerable visitor count.

What is the best WordPress theme for eCommerce?

The7 has 48 Pre-made websites to choose from, and among them, you’ll find plenty of eCommerce websites. Not only in eCommerce, but The7 also has Logistics Website Themes, Retail themes, Agency themes, Themes for Small businesses, Restaurants, and much more.

What are the top five most popular WordPress themes?

Top the five WordPress themes would be:


  • The7
  • Divi
  • Astra
  • OceanWP
  • Neve


However, these themes offer different pricing and feature strategies, so you might need to do a little bit of research before buying one. Also, check the compatibility of these themes before buying.

Which WordPress theme is best for SEO?

The7 is an all-around SEO-friendly Theme with lots of components to easily customize your website to reach the top of the Google SERP ranking. Google makes sure that you are following all types of protocols before placing you in a good rank. With The7, it is easy to design a website that screams SEO-friendly at its core. Just pushing a bunch of keywords in an article doesn’t make it SEO friendly; the entire thing depends on the outlook of the website as well as its fundamentals.


Are you ready to take action?

Q. Why You Should Take Action Before You Feel Ready But, Not After? A. Taking action before you’re ready will boost your motivation with The7 WordPress Theme.

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