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Written by ASRAF MASUM

Publish: 21 Sep, 2022
Updated: October 6, 2022 @ 8:49 PM
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Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most important activities for any customer service business. It is a significant and complex process that needs to be done properly to satisfy customers.

Customer relationship management is managing all customer interactions and relations with the company. CRM systems are designed to assist any company in managing customer relationships effectively and efficiently. 

CRM typically refers to a system or software that maintains sales management, and contact management with clients, agents, and many more. Advanced CRM systems are capable of managing all of the customer relationship management activities with a simple interface.

I’m Asraf Masum, and I can’t wait to discuss the Perfex CRM Software review with you today! ― You can track expenses and time spent on tasks and bill your customers using Perfex. Learn more about the powerful open source CRM system from our Prefex Software review.

Perfect is one of the best CRM tools available on the digital platform. It is a comprehensive CRM solution that helps manage all customer relationship activities smoothly and efficiently. We will discuss more Perfex CRM in the article.

What is Perfex CRM Software?

Perfex CRM Software is a self-hosted open-source CRM solution most suitable for small startups and freelance business settings. It has a modern, simple interface that is easy to use and works effectively to manage customer relationships.

As it is an open-source platform, users can customize and access source codes per their requirements. Perfex CRM tool offers many advanced features, including a task management tool, lead management, invoice creation, payment feature, and many more. Perfex maintains a dedicated blog site that updates its latest features or any relevant information about the system.

Perfex CRM provides an extensive mechanism that helps to manage the sales pipeline and boost your professionalism toward customers. This will help you to increase and improve your business performance within a reasonable budget. Perfex CRM Software also offers a free version for users.

How does Perfex work?

Perfect is a complete package to manage your customer relationship smartly and effortlessly. It allows using advanced features such as one-click invoice creation, project management tools, storing and managing customer data, expense reports, and many more. With simple clicks, your whole business management and maintenance can be done easily.

This CRM interface will help you to focus on the company’s individual customers like direct customers, employee management, suppliers’ record, service users, etc. Based on this variety of organized data, you can maintain consistent and additional support to enhance customer satisfaction, leading you to win more business deals. You can reach a better level of flexibility on the e-commerce platform, spanning marketing and sales, which will help you to increase overall productivity in your business.

Advanced Features of Perfex CRM Software


This powerful project management feature will help you to manage and invoice a wide range of projects with time tracking and customer billing. The feature allows you to manage multiple employees’ task assignments within a time frame.



Using this feature, you can create attractive and professional invoices. Different file attachments, including PDF invoices, can be sent easily directly to clients. Also can set up recurring invoices.


The estimates will allow you to create estimates within a few minutes, send them to the clients and wait for acceptance. It can auto-convert or change invoice estimates after customer acceptance. Estimates data will be visible to clients, who can take action according to their needs without login into the system.


This option receives and records payments in various currencies. It can add a partial payment to available invoices and auto-generate pdf to send to customers.

Attractive Proposals 

This feature allows you to create smart-looking proposals to impress target clients or customers. You can include tables, images, videos, and other items to help convert your clients with this powerful editor. The proposal comment section is allowed for client negotiations.


With this stripe subscription feature, you can bill your customers faster. After creating a subscription, just send the subscription to your clients, and Perfex CRM’sCRM’s stripe feature will do all the relevant tasks for you.  


With this feature, you can create recurring expenses. Expenses can be auto-created after a specific time slot (days, weeks, months, or years). It can set bill expenses for fixed clients or projects.

Lead Management

This feature records leads in one place and follows the track. It can import leads from emails automatically, create proposals, add notes and attach files.

Support System

It has an excellent support system to track and resolve problems quickly. Auto tickets from email, adding replies, and inserting links are also allowed.

Web To Lead Forms 

Lead form feature can help to create web form based on relevant and lead and custom fields to set in your website where visitors can fill up the form with respective information.

Smart Calendar Management

Smart calendar management can help to add upcoming events, contract expiration dates, estimate expiration, task completion date, and many more.

Custom Fields 

Custom fields can be added to PDFs, payments, invoices, and other relevant options.


Employee task schedules can be managed and created from Task features.

Informative Article Publish Feature

You can add or create informative articles and manage from this option.


You can use contract features to keep present and future sales. PDF contracts can be easily created and sent to customers directly from here.

Goals Tracking Feature

With this feature, you can create future sales goals in your plan. Also can track employees’ performance.

Personal Todo List

The Todo list option can allow all office staff to create their list.


You can generate overall reports to see everything and keep track of other reports.

Customer Area

This customer area feature is completely separated from the admin operation panel. Every customer creates their profile and can keep records of financial activity made with the company.


  • Perfex CRM allows creating and managing of invoice projects with its powerful system
  • It can create attractive invoices, proposals, and estimate
  • The interface is simple yet powerful and allows users to use it effortlessly.
  • Can auto import tickets from email.
  • Perfex enables multiple employee management systems with a time frame 
  • The system can keep track of leads in a single place
  • It provides versatile customer-related data that can help enhance customer relationships with the company 


Perfex provides a wider range of smart features. But some users are dissatisfied with their pricing. If I get any other cons of the CRM system, I will update it here. 

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Perfex CRM Software is an all-rounder CRM platform for users with many features. It will help stay connected with customers through multiple communication channels, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. A company needs to maintain a good relationship with its customers to keep its service sustainable for the long term.

Frequently Asked

Is Perfex open source?

Yes,Perfex CRM is an open-source solution suitable for small businesses and freelancers.

How do I customize my Perfex CRM?

Perfex allows you to fully customize the client area. To change the appearance of the client area, copy the existing main theme Perfex located in the application/views/themes/ and rename it to your theme name. After that, go to the admin area settings to change the theme.

How do I create a module in Perfex CR?

First, you have to open the modules’ directory. After that, you have to create a new directory and name it after your module. Now, create a new PHP file with the same name as the module directory.

How do I update Perfex?

Prefex can be automatically updated by using our auto-update feature in settings.

What is a open source CRM?

In an open-source CRM, the source code is available to the public for customization and integration. Open source CRM software offers many advantages, including ease of use, robust functionality, and affordability.

Are you ready to take action?

Q. Why You Should Take Action Before You Feel Ready But, Not After? A. Taking action before you’re ready will boost your motivation.

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