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Publish: 6 Oct, 2022
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Artificial intelligence is gradually taking over the technological revolution. It is one of the tech sector’s most popular and in-demand technologies.

AI can be used to gain more than 78% of sustainable development goals in a wide range of internet-based businesses. Although, developing any model using AI is way more complex. For highly technical people to create sophisticated AI-based models or systems, deep coding abilities are required.

I’m Asraf Masum, and I can’t wait to discuss the Cogniflow Lifetime deal with you today! ― Is it an Alternative to Akkio, DataRobot, & Levity? ― Read the section below to get more information about the Cogniflow review.

Increase your productivity and profit by building AI models to boost your productivity on any budget.

But, it is surely good news for non-tech people that many automated AI services are being developed to provide their service from the SaaS platform. Several AI tools are already in the field, such as Cogniflow. Here, we will discuss more regarding the Cogniflow tool, how it works, and can help you to generate AI models. 

What is Cogniflow?

Cogniflow provides you the tools to create any AI model from audio, video, text, or pictures without creating a single line of code. Using simple content, you can quickly create end-to-end, edge machine learning models with Cogniflow. The best part is that you can accomplish it without AI or coding knowledge.

It can help you to enhance your Saas website’s performance without killing your development time by understanding how to optimize your images, text, and videos. With Cogniflow generated AI model, you can integrate your Saas platform with various tools, optimizing your website faster.

We have developed a revolutionary AI writing tool that helps you write content within seconds.

Developing an AI tool is an expert operation, but Cogniflow made it easier and can help you do it without any complex coding knowledge.

Cogniflow can create a chatbot, text-to-speech, check scanner, automatic classification, and many more for your website. It will enable you to optimize your website’s speed by saving time and help you reach your target audience more quickly.

Get lifetime access to Cogniflow today!

Cogniflow Key Features 

Cogniflow developed four main categories of features. Such as Customer service, Hr/recruiting, Operations, and others. Under these four categories, it has many features. Let’s dive to have a look.

Customer Service


Add emotion detection and intention identification to your interactions, or let your bot respond using a Cogniflow-built question-answering system.

Automatic Classification 

Email subject lines may be automatically categorized for support tickets. Better and more quickly, respond to client issues.

Speech to Text 

Transcribing your clients’ calls will allow you to monitor compliance, analyze client emotions, and highlight crucial passages of dialogue.

Gain more customers and profits by writing more blog posts and social media content in less time.


Offensive Language 

 A slack bot alerts the sender when inappropriate language is detected in chats. Gaining a deeper understanding of your workplace will improve morale.

Resume Parsing 

Extract specified sections from any CV document, such as experience, education, certificates, etc. Reduce processing time or automatically develop your standard CV format.

English Level 

Consider using a brief audio clip of 15 to 20 seconds to assess the English proficiency of your candidates (if they are not native English speakers). Your hiring procedure should be greatly shortened.


Check Scanner 

Retrieve information and carry out verifications in checks, such as whether or not it is signed. Simply by utilizing your mobile device to take a snapshot.

Documentation Extract 

Recognize manual entry fields on a printed form from a picture. Automate data input to cut down on time and human mistakes.

Car Damage Severity

Easily determine the degree of auto damage of any car (for instance, three levels) by snapping a picture.

Others/Many More features

Leaf Disease Detector

To identify a potential disease infection, take a smartphone snapshot of a leaf and implement appropriate therapy.

Try to Cogniflow! Save time and make more money!

Sounds Identification

Find a baby crying, or make a game for your kids to play that simulates various animal or environmental noises.

Speech Recognizer

Transcribing audio notes and meetings is another option for making your own Alexa.

Lifetime Deal of Cogniflow

Appsumo offers a Cogniflow lifetime deal at just $79 & $810You can save up to 95%

Wow!!! That’s really great news for you. AppSumo currently offers lifetime access to this software for as little as $79.00 ($810).

Important Note: (The majority of these bargains will be sold out within one week of their initial release on AppSumo). So, ensure you get your hands on them while you still can).

60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out for two months to ensure it’s right for you! Make sure you don’t miss any fantastic limited-time offers.


  • Train and make predictions from voice, video, images, or both
  • Free API
  • Usage for business
  • Google Sheets, Excel, Botpress, and Bubble, are all integrated.
  • Detecting objects
  • Supports Portuguese, Spanish, and English
  • Use pre-trained models or develop new models using data (emotion detection, sentiment analysis, and audio or video transcription)


Cogniflow is a smart, automated AI model-generating platform that only supports three languages.

Are You Ready for Action?


Cogniflow can support your SaaS platform by generating a bunch of AI models which can make your system more perfect. Produced AI tools from this platform offer an easy integration process on your website. To have a smooth and faster operation on your website, you should have a tour of the Cogniflow platform to check how brilliantly it can create your automated AI service.

Frequently Asked

What are automation tools?

A piece of software is an automated test tool that enables users to create software testing activities, which can be executed with the least amount of human involvement.

How much does automation cost?

An individual bot or any other automated system development typically average costs between $5,000 and $15,000. So, we can see developing any automated tool is highly expensive.

What are the benefits of using Cogniflow?

With a minimal cost, you can use Cogniflow to increase your website performance by getting their customer service tool, HR/Recruiting tools, Operations services, and many more.

How To Buy Cogniflow Lifetime Deal?

From Appsumo, anyone can purchase Cogniflow’s lifetime deal at $79. However, they are offering another three-lifetime deal package on Appsumo. 


Are you ready to take action?

Q. Why You Should Take Action Before You Feel Ready But, Not After? A. Taking action before you’re ready will boost your motivation with Cogniflow Deal.

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