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After spending time on market research, are you ready to launch your business? First, you need to have a branding kit. Making a name for yourself will be almost impossible without a good branding kit. Your brand can help you stand out and help people associate your logo, font, and colors with your business. 

I’m Asraf Masum, and I can’t wait to discuss the Branding Kit Template Lifetime Deal with you today! Is it used for branding kit in Canva?

This guide highlights the best branding kit examples that we could find. It gives us tips and best practices when setting up your brand kit.

What is a Branding Kit?

The Branding Kit is a short, easily digestible guide to launching your brand on Notion. It includes step-by-step tools, templates, and a guide to representing your brand. It’s a quick reference to understand the logo, colours, fonts, and messaging that represent your brand. Branding is essential for every business.

How to create a branding kit?

Creating a Brand Kit is a premium feature available only to users with a Business or Enterprise plan.

Setting up your brand kit is very easy; Follow the nine steps below with screenshots to create your brand kit in minutes, and then use it throughout all your visual content and designs.

Step #1: Access your branding kit.

Suppose Your organisation has signed up for a Premium Teams plan. In that case, you will see a new option on your screen called My Brand, which is accessible only to the administrator or the designer responsible for setting up your brand kit.

Step #2: Upload your brand font.

The first step in setting up your brand kit is choosing your font. Every premium site has tons of fonts in its library, but you can also upload your own.

For example, you can upload two brands of fonts, such as Roboto and Montserrat, in TTF file format. All you need to select them in the Upload Your Fonts section or click the option to choose files from your computer.

After that, you can designate a specific font as a header or body font by clicking the Set as Header or Set as Body options. After choosing one of these two possibilities, you will see a font preview.

These designations will allow you or anyone on your team to easily and quickly create content with just your pre-defined brand fonts.

Step #3: Set Permissions for Brand Fonts.

Now, if you want specific users only to use your brand’s fonts and no other options are available within the font library, you can turn off the Allow my team to use all fonts option.

Once you do this, you’ll notice in the site editor that no other fonts are visible, only your default font.

Step #4: Establish your brand colours.

You can specify your brand’s colours by selecting the Colors option. A new colour scheme will produce. Copy and paste your colour’s hex value (you can enter up to six) into the pop-up above.

Then, you can set permissions so your team members can’t apply colours outside your default colour palette. To do this, turn on the option Allow my team to choose their colours.

Step #5: Choose a default background colour.

You’ll see a default background colour when you publish content online in all your presentations, charts, and infographics. With the Brand Kit feature, you can set your background colour to light or dark or apply your custom colours.

Step #6: Designate specific projects as templates.

Each premium site offers users hundreds of templates for all kinds of content, but you can designate specific projects as templates if you want to add your own.

If you have a current undertaking that you wish to use as a model for your brand, select the Templates tab and start typing a word from your project’s title. Once you find the desired project, you can click the Add button to designate it as a template.

Step #7: Set permissions for content types.

Let’s say I want to restrict my team to create only a specific content type. With any Brand Kit feature, you can set permissions so your team members can only create social media images.

Select the Templates option to get started, scroll to the bottom of your screen and disable a specific content option by clicking the On button.

Step #8: Upload your logo.

Having your logo appear on your marketing materials is critical to creating a recognisable visual brand.

To do this, click on the Logo tab and drag your file (which can be a GIF, JPEG, or transparent PNG) to the section containing your logo.

Then you can choose that you want your logo to be centred, left-justified, or right-justified at the top of your page. Additionally, your content will automatically update to reflect the most recent branding settings the next time someone views or submits a project.

Step #9: Set Brand Links.

Instead of inserting links to your social media profiles and website every time you create a piece of content, you can place brand links.

To do this, click on the Brand Links tab and insert the URLs to your website and your various social media profiles.

That way, when adding a call-to-action button to the bottom of an infographic or slide presentation, You can add a textbox, change the background colour, and click the link icon to attach it to your website. Choose from one of the default link options in the upper right corner of your screen.

Branding Kit Template Lifetime Deal 01

Why do you need a branding kit?

A branding kit can help ensure that all marketing and communications are accurate and on-brand as your business grows.

Suppose you want to hire social media team. In that case, sales representatives or customer advocates create social media posts or other marketing materials. All you need to add assets to your company should include the same colours, fonts, and logos.

Brand kit help:

  • From social media images to business cards and website headers, branding kits help ensure brand consistency.
  • Make yourself unique from competitors. Keep your content consistent.
  • You also can use different colours, fonts, and logos that evoke emotions or feelings and help customers associate with you.
  • Build and maintain trust with reviews around your brand.
  • Make your content look more professional.

Some examples and templates of the best brand kits:

A brand kit is essential to creating a successful brand identity, establishing a unified brand identity for all your business and marketing endeavours.

Every brand and business, regardless of size, needs a brand kit.

A branding kit will save you time, money, and headaches while promoting your business.

Here are some great examples and templates for you:


Spotify’s brand guidelines kit guides how to use its branding and logo in marketing materials.


The Netflix Brand Kit offers tips and instructions on how to use its wordmarks. It also includes its brand colour palette, readability, and guidelines.


Twitter has an extended brand kit that details proper logo usage guidelines and guidelines for designing hashtags, icons, and more.

Apple App Store

Apple has multiple brand kits for different products of the brand. This brand kit aims to show app developers how to use Apple App Store branding when marketing apps and promotional campaigns.

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Features of Branding kit Templates:

A standard branding kit should contain your:

Company logo:

Your business logo is one of the most essential and natural assets. You can create a small and large logo for your profile picture or watermark.

Brand assets:

A logo is essential to help get your company name. Please include a logo with your company’s brand products. It also covers your brand values.

Colour scheme palette:

Next, you will want to include your colour scheme and palette. If possible, have colour codes so you can use the correct shade every time. Adding standard/custom fonts and other typefaces or typography also makes sense.


A good branding kit will also include other visual assets, such as your colour palette and images that distinguish your brand.


If you have a template to use for visual content, you should also include them. It helps keep your social media graphics and other visual branding tools consistent.


Your branding kit should include visual elements, but it must also have your writing style. The branding kit should detail your brand messaging so that all your text posts are consistent.

Contact information:

You should include contact information so people can reach you if they have questions about your brand kit.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of branding Kit:


I will list only three of them.

  • Awareness and differentiation:

Through branding, the customer is made aware of the good or service. Because how will the customer recognise the original product or service without branding? Similar products and services are used for the right reasons and to meet customer needs. Imagine if there were no branding, all cold drinks would look the same. It is hard to imagine that branding has helped many consumers choose to use Coca-Cola while others prefer to use Pepsi.

  • Premium Price:

Branding helps companies charge premium prices for their products, as a strong brand can charge higher fees than its competitors, leading to higher profit margins. An example is Apple and Samsung charging higher prices for their smartphones than Sony and Huawei because consumers have the brand image that Apple and Samsung are the best when it comes to smartphones.

  • Barriers to market entry:

An influential and well-known brand in your portfolio can deter potential competitors trying to enter the same industry as you. Potential new competitors will know there is a solid leading brand and may never decide to enter the market.


Again, I will list three of them.

  • Huge development costs

The most significant disadvantage of branding is that it costs a lot because brands are not created overnight, and companies have to spend vast amounts of money on advertising and promotion. Often brand marketers calculate ROBI (Return on Brand Investment) as they forecast and justify the brand development process.

  • Limited quality flexibility

Brands have limited flexibility in terms of product and service quality because they offer rates for premium prices. Guaranteed quality is the only reason why customers will pay this premium price. So, no exceptions here, guys!

  • Changing brand perceptions is challenging.

Another disadvantage of branding is that if, for some reason, the brand gets a bad name or reputation. It is challenging, if not impossible, to regain its original position or status brand. It’s like the basketball MVP, one bad pass can lose the game, and you’re no longer considered the MVP.

Are You Ready for Action?


A branding kit template Lifetime deal is an essential aspect of a company’s business strategy. It helps a company maintain brand consistency, conveying its message internally and externally in a consistent way. Never forget how important all the components of a branding kit are and how necessary it is to combine them wisely to achieve the desired results.

Now that you know all these things, it’s time to work and create your document. You can then integrate your branding kit elements into your digital magazines, brochures, catalogues, and more. Just create an account and start designing!

Frequently Asked

What are the uses of Branding Kit in Canva?

Brand Kit lets you create a brand from scratch or add assets to your existing brand so you can stay on-brand with every design. Once designed, you can access everything from corporate design templates to pre-set brand fonts, brand logos, brand colours, and pre-designed brand templates to create presentations.

Is the Canva brand kit free?

It’s free for anyone who wants to design a little something on their own or with others. Premium content for people who want unlimited access to design tools. For teams of all sizes who want to create together with premium workspaces and brand tools. Premium tools are good for getting the best design.

How do you introduce a brand?

Five ways to use content to introduce your brand:

Create and segment audience personas

Choose the right platform for publication and promotion. Create a wide variety of content. Contact the ads provided, Keep the momentum going after you publish content.


Are you ready to take action?

Q. Why You Should Take Action Before You Feel Ready But, Not After? A. Taking action before you’re ready will boost your motivation with Branding kit Template.

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