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Are you want to know about Rocket LMS – Learning Management System? Rocket LMS is an online education business course marketplace with many features that help you quickly run your online education business. This product allows instructors and students to communicate together and share knowledge. Instructors will be able to create complete video courses, live classes, quizzes, text courses, projects, files, etc. students will be able to use the educational material and increase their skill level.

Rocket LMS is built based on real business needs, cultural differences, and advanced user research to ensure that the product efficiently covers your business needs.

What is Rocket LMS learning management system in education?

Rocket LMS is A Learning Management System (LMS) integrated online software for creating, delivering, tracking, and reporting educational courses and outcomes. It can assist conventional face-to-face training and blended/hybrid and online learning contexts.

Who Can Benefit From Using An Rocket LMS?

A Rocket LMS is a powerful tool for creating, managing and reporting online training and eLearning. Rocket LMS is the best choice when remotely training external and internal customers.

Today, we’re here to educate you on improving your business using Rocket LMS, so your organization can decide if using one makes sense!

Rocket LMS: Learning Management System also covers This industry today!


Real Estate


Compliance Training

Safety Training


Human Resources and Internal Training

Computer Software

Benefits of a learning management system:

Your company could benefit from using if it offers one of the following types of training: 

Continuing education (CE)

Professional development

External customer & partner training

Employee training

HR training.

An LMS-learning management system has some significant advantages over older learning methods.

Continuity of learning:

Delivering your course through an LMS keeps content centralized, so all students have a single source of content, instructions, and questions. No excuses for old books or last year’s material. Everyone is up to date.

Easy tracking and reporting:

With a Rocket LMS, you can easily track your student’s progress. You can see who has completed the course, who is halfway, and who has not started.

Create engaging courses:

You can easily integrate text, images, and video into a learning management system, which cannot do on paper. Your students will keep their attention and learn more by using more engaging material. As the learning material is more attractive, users will learn more.

Easy delivery:

You can distribute course content as quickly as sending an email. Upload your users to the LMS and invite them via email. Or copy-paste the course URL and send an email through your mail client.

How do you successfully launch your Rocket LMS within your company?

We’ve created a brief Rocket LMS – Learning Management System with a few key steps.

Create a team for the internal LMS and assign duties: This team should have management, IT, and HR representatives. You need to have a team that can 100% focus on the launch of your Rocket LMS and make it successful.

Learn the system: Most Rocket LMS vendors offer training or hands-on support when you sign up. Take advantage of every chance for training and become familiar with every aspect of the system.

Integrate your LMS with related systems: such as talent management, CRM, and back-office systems. Integrating what is needed to get the most out of your tracking and reporting across your platforms is essential.

Prepare your content for live: Prepare your video/audio recordings, presentations, spreadsheets, and handouts. Once your content is organized, uploading to your Rocket LMS is a simple and quick process.

Test, test, test. Once your LMS is assembled where needed and full of content, it’s time to test the courses on testers. Whether it is the internal Rocket LMS team, coworkers, or friends, it is essential to test the methods to ensure the content’s flow and order are correct.

Once you have successfully followed these steps, you are ready for your Rocket LMS to go live and start your online training! Remember, it is likely overwhelming initially, but take full advantage of every Rocket LMS training opportunity and learning system – this is the key to your long-term success!

Rocket LMS Features:

Multiple content support: Rocket LMS supports various content, such as video courses, live classes (webinars), and text-based courses.

Single or Multiple Instructors: You can use Rocket LMS as a marketplace or a single instructor service.

Organizational Learning: Rocket LMS supports organizations and institutions so that you can define organizations and institutions with associated students and instructors.

Online Meetings: In addition to educational materials, trainers and organizations will be able to sell online meetings.

Payment gateways (3 included): 15 gateways supported for different countries. Paypal, Stripe, Midtrans, Razorpay, Paytm, PayU, Paystack, Zarinpal, Paysera, CashU, Yandex Checkout, Mercadopago, Bitpay, Flutterwave, Payfort. Offline payments are available as a paid plugin.

YouTube and Vimeo Support: You can use Vimeo and YouTube video links as part of the course so they can be used as free and secure video storage.

Social and SMS login: Users can log in to the system using social accounts (Google and Facebook). SMS and login are also supported.

Subscribe System (Plugin): In addition to regular shopping using the cart, students can subscribe to courses by purchasing different subscription plans.

Google Calendar Integration: Rocket LMS is compact with Google Calendar so that users can add all events, like live class sessions, meetings, etc., to Google Calendar, and the events will automatically remind them, so nothing is missed.

Fully Customizable: All content, text, CSS, images, and JS codes will be customizable.

Accounting System: Rocket LMS includes a system that provides sales analysis, transaction tracking, advanced reporting, refunds, manual accounting, payments, offline payments, invoices, etc.

Shared hosting support: There is no need to purchase pricey VPSs or servers.! Rocket LMS can install on minimal shared hosting plans.

Localization: Rocket LMS is multi-language and translatable. All official currencies are included. RTL mode is supported.

Variable Commission Rates: variable commission rates to boost customer loyalty. Set additional commission rates for most active trainers and incentivize them.

Staff and Permissions: Create a team for different departments with specific access levels.

Fully Responsive: High-quality, responsive design makes content accessible on different devices.

Quizzes and Certifications (Plugin): Create unlimited quizzes and certificates and assign them to courses.

Badges and Rewards System: Define different badges related to trainer actions. Badges will be automatically assigned to trainers.

User Groups: Assign users to different groups and reward them with additional discounts and commissions.

Marketing Options: There are several marketing features like advanced discount codes, content promotions, featured classes, course discounts, advertising banners, email newsletters, etc., to execute marketing campaigns.

Notification: Automatic notification will be sent after each related process. You can send promotional and customized messages to users.

Professional Admin Panel: Everything is controlled under your admin panel. Many accessibilities, reports, and lists are based on functionality.

Support system: Students can communicate with instructors within a clear and effective course support system.

Separate Panels: Rocket LMS includes individual panels for trainers, users, and organizations for different data types.

Offline Payment (Plugin): Users can charge their account using an offline payment system, and the money will be credited to their account after approval by the admin.

Class Options: Each class has many options like class capacity, private type, class start date, class report, FAQ, filter, rating, invited instructor, etc., which help you to create professional learning material for different learning needs.

Course Sections: Organize course materials into different sections.

Multi-Language Content (Plugin): Different website content in different languages. Content will load according to the user’s language.

Affiliate and Referral Marketing (Plugins): Add more power to your platform using affiliate marketing features. Users will be able to sell courses on your platform and earn money.



It makes learning simple.

Gives more and more access to e-learning resources.

Include all training-related data.

Lowers the price of education.

Combines social learning activities.


Problems of online Learning Management System.


A complete solution for online education organizations is Rocket LMS. Create a multi-instructor education platform to market live classes, video courses, and text courses using it. Designing a website where you may sell your instructional resources.

Frequently Asked

What is LMS in education examples?

Moodle, Blackboard Learn, and Schoology are some well-liked LMSs employed by educational institutions. A few well-known enterprise-level LMSs are iSpring Learn, Docebo LMS, TalentLMS, Adobe Captivate Prime, and eFront. One of the most common uses of an LMS in a business setting is employee training and onboarding.

How many LMS are there?

By our estimate, more than 800 LMS vendors compete in today’s learning platform marketplace. These LMS-Learning Management System vendors range from global software companies to small cloud vendors.

What type of LMS is Google Classroom?

One of Google Apps for Education’s offerings is Google Classroom, a cloud-based learning management system. Academic institutions are the only ones who should use it. To access Google Classroom, students can use PCs, tablets, and cell phones.

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