PrestaShop Tidy: Cleaning, Optimization, and Speed Up review

Written by ASRAF MASUM

Publish: 5 Sep, 2022
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Are you trying to find the best Cleaning, Optimization, and Speed Up plugin for your eCommerce site? You have successfully arrived at the right website to solve your problem. I think Prestashop Tidy is the best plugin for your eCommerce store, and you need to try it out.

PrestaShop is a popular and free e-commerce platform. A total of 280,645 live websites are using PrestaShop. This application is written in PHP and uses MySQL for database management. It’s easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that entices users. 

Your business can benefit from a world of potential eCommerce development using PrestaShop. Most shop owners find it difficult to manage the database and maintain a smooth website experience. Thus, I dive deep into my research to find a solution and discover an extremely powerful module.

 A module is a small program that takes advantage of PrestaShop’s features. PrestaShop Tidy is a module that helps you manage your PrestaShop e-commerce website. In this article, we will be discussing how PrestaShop Tidy can help you manage your database. 

Here’s Asraf Masum, and today, I can’t wait to tell you about the PrestaShop Tidy Review—Is It an Alternative to WP Cleaner Pro? What is the best way to clean PrestaShop’s database? With PrestaShop Tidy, you can easily clean and maintain your website’s large database in a detailed way.

What is PrestaShop Tidy?

You can easily clean up the database of your PrestaShop store by using the PrestaShop tidy module. It is an add-on module that extends the PrestaShop built-in functionalities. 

The software administration panel allows users to install modules directly or develop their own. This free add-on can reduce your website’s load time by deleting unnecessary information from your PrestaShop online e-commerce stores.  


How does PrestaShop Tidy work?

PrestaShop tidy is a module consisting of the main PHP file, additional PHP files, necessary template files (.TPL), and assets (JavaScript, CSS, etc.). This module allows cleaning all unwanted information from a PrestaShop e-commerce shop database, such as abandoned carts, connections, guests, etc. 

When you clean up your database, the tables can become very large (especially if you have a lot of visitors). Consequently, large tables can affect website performance. Using this module will solve the problem since it cleans up large databases. Ensure that you do not remove any important information before you begin removing unnecessary information with these 

Features of PrestaShop Tidy

  • Delete expired specific product prices
  • Remove old customers who haven’t ordered anything
  • Delete abandoned shopping carts
  • Delete old connections statistics
  • Delete old search statistics
  • Delete old emails, vouchers, and log files
  • Regenerate friendly URLs for products and categories (for all languages)
  • Delete products’ unused, broken and temporary product images 
  • Deactivate active in-stock products, out-of-stock products
  • Activate inactive manufacturers with active products
  • Remove unused feature values
  • Remove empty features from the list
  • Remove unused attribute values
  • Empty attribute groups should be deleted
  • Delete all caches and more 

How to install PrestaShop Tidy: Cleaning, Optimization, and Seed up?

  • First, download the PrestaShop Tidy module
  • Unzip the module archive file
  •  Using FTP software, upload the folder to PrestaShop /modules
  •  Access your shop’s back office ad go to “Modules.”
  • Now you have to locate the new module and click to install.
  •  Find the module again. Click >> Configure if necessary.
  •  Upon completing the configuration, test the module immediately to ensure it operates as expected.

Note: With PrestaShop Tidy, you can make many changes to your store. In order to demonstrate exactly what will happen after each function is executed, each function has a special preview button. It would help if you used the function before taking any steps.


  • Clean your PrestaShop website database
  • Help to run your website smoothly
  • Users will be able to manage a large database
  • Ensure a smooth website loading experience for customers 
  • The cheapest combination of products can be set as the default combination
  • You can assign the most common tax rules group to products with no tax rules group
  • For products without covers, set the first image as the cover
  • Shop owners can associate all images with all shops 
  •  Inactive categories with or without active products
  • Each function comes with a preview button 
  • You can set the product’s cover as its first image
  • Products that are not assigned to any active categories can be deactivated 


  • The module does not have any drawbacks that can be attributed to it. If I find any, I will update it here. 


PrestaShop Tidy is a module that helps you manage your e-commerce shop data. You can use the module if you have created your website using the PrestaShop platform. Maintain your large database and delete unnecessary data to make your website fast and smooth using PrestaShop Tidy. In addition, there are a number of features that help users manage their websites. 

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Frequently Asked

Why it's necessary to clean up the database?

Cleansing your data ensures you have only the latest files and important documents. Keeping website data clean helps to run the website smoothly and manage the database easily.

How come cleaning up the database reduces page loading time?

Optimizing your database involves identifying and removing garbage data and unused content. Your website will load faster and more smoothly as a result. Users will have a better experience while browsing your websites.

How to get support?

You will receive 6 months of support if you purchase PrestaShop Tidy from Code Canyon. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy updates and new features over time.

What not to do (Don't sabotage yourself!)?

You should be aware before taking steps using the PrestaShop Tidy module. You can use the preview function to understand a function before using it. This will prevent you from losing any significant information.

The PHP version – Why does it matter?

An outdated version of PHP can cause a site to load slowly. Your site will run faster if you use a newer PHP version with improved security. Using an older version of PHP can put your site at risk of major security issues.

How to speed up and optimize a WordPress website?

There are a few ways that you can use to optimize your WordPress website. You can run performance tests, manage your database, update everything, delete unused plugins, and use lightweight themes to optimize your WordPress website.

How to Import Products in Magento 2 Database?

Login to your admin panel, navigate the system and go to the import option. You can download a sample file by selecting Products in the Entity Type drop-down menu.
Delete all the odd products from the sample products you need to import.

Which database is my Magento using?

Magento does not support custom triggers in the Magento database to prevent future incompatibilities. Magento uses MySQL database triggers to improve database access during the re-indexing process.

What is the Magento security scan tool?

Magneto has high-security features to scan and detect malware on websites. In addition, it alerts store administrators to suspicious issues related to security risks, malware, or unauthorized access.


Are you ready to take action?

Q. Why You Should Take Action Before You Feel Ready But, Not After? A. Taking action before you’re ready will boost your motivation with Prestashop Tidy.



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