Premium URL Shortener tool review in 2022

Written by ASRAF MASUM

Publish: 23 Sep, 2022
Updated: October 22, 2022 @ 9:40 PM
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Our regular life has completely become dependent on different online platforms these days. Without browsing or taking service from online platforms our life is impossible. Without any web address link no website can exist. Using Website addresses or URL links we can make our visit to the specific sites.

Generally, URL or page links are quite complex and lengthy terms to catch up on. Moreover, web address links are so sensitive, that if any character goes missing from the link, you can’t reach or load that website. It is crucial to copy or get the link without error.

’m Asraf Masum, and I can’t wait to discuss the Premium URL Shortener tool review 2022 with you today! Premium URL Shortener Shorten URLs. You can shorten your long URL with just one click. Read below for details on how to do it.

Even any extra space can make the link invalid since URL links do not support any space in the link. For users, the flexible use URL shortener concept was created and started. Starting with social media link use, generating complex URLs became common. Twitter first started the idea of link shortening, and consistently google and other platforms created simple URL-generating tools.

Php URL shortener is one of the URL or link shortening tools that provides a wide range of URL and website managing support. Today, we will discuss this tool’s features in detail.

What is the Premium URL Shortener?

Premium URL shortener is a tool that is based on a PHP framework. From the URL shortener, it is easily understandable that this tool helps generate short, smart URLs from lengthy ones. URL shorteners and link shorteners both terms work the same. This PHP URL shortener script is enriched with a wide range of features. Short links are easy to use for optimizing marketing campaigns or click monitoring for online activities.

This tool offers many advanced features to start any website operation quickly with shortening links. This platform provides a bunch of premium features, including device tracking, geotargeting, a smart dashboard, an advanced admin panel, a group of CMS tools, and premium membership to manage your online operation fast and smoothly. 

This PHP script tool has been on the operational platform for nine years. Through these years, this tool was under consistent development and upgrading, which made the system even better and counted on.

Smart Features Of Premium URL Shortener

Premium URL shortener developed many smart and powerful admin or regular users features. Let’s have a look at them.

Individual Profile Generator

Users can use this platform to generate personal profiles to share a single link. And anyone can monitor the profile or account to check traffic. Widget adding option is also available. You can link your social accounts and personalize your profile with an attractive design and colors.

Custom QR Code Generator 

You can generate different and customized QR codes to share on the Public platform. QR codes can be created with different colors, unique logos, and customized shapes to scan.

Online Software as a Service SaaS

Online/Software as a Service (SaaS)

Users can use this tool as a SaaS platform under a premium subscription. With the payment plan, the license becomes automatically extended. All payments are managed via online money transfer systems such as Bank transfer, Paypal, and Stripe.

Team Management Feature 

This team feature was newly included in the system. You can add or invite members to your group and continue as a team account using this feature.

Custom Domain Support

This system allows custom domain support for admin users and client users. When users intend to use their domain, they have the privilege to add and use it in the system. User admins can add extra domains for client use. You can use your support domain if you want to keep your main domain safe and not used by others.

Campaign Feature & Link Changer 

From campaign features, users can change some links to regroup. You can regenerate links and send them to people for use. These regenerated special links will help visitors to see all available links in the campaign which are enabled for use. Campaign features also collect the statistics of all links in the campaign.

Device Tracking and Geo Tracking Feature 

This scripted system allows the admin to redirect the audience to other pages from their location information based on different countries and location data tracked from visitors’ devices. From the admin panel, users can enable and disable the option.

Page Overlay & Splash

This tool has an upgraded system to generate dedicated pages for media links like Youtube, Dailymotion, and others. The custom splash page is a premium feature where you can create attractive pages after your requirement. Different types of CTA popups can be available as overlays.

Customized Parameters & UTMs

Users are allowed to add different parameters, such as affiliate tags, and also can add UTMs to the system.

Slack WordPress, & Zapier Integration

From Slack, users can shorten links directly using custom commands. This platform allows WordPress and Zapier integration into the system. Users are enabled to set up Zapier, and this system will send a notification to Zapier account after a new link is shortened or clicked by any user. This scripted system also added a WordPress plugin for users to use their link shortener feature.

Pixel Tracking Feature

Users can add more than 15 platforms from pixel tracking support. It allows Twitter, Facebook, Google ads, Snapchat, Tag Manager, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, and many more.

Unknown User History

Unknown or anonymous users can keep their last ten links to track without registration. However, admin users can control this access. 

Social Accounts Login

Users can easily log into the system from Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts.

Personal or Private Service 

If any user wants to use the system for personal service, they are allowed to do that. From the admin panel, users have to enable private options. After that, only you can use the system to use all of your website features.

Auto Translator

Premium URL shortener provides an automated translator feature. Users are enabled to translate scripts to any language using the language manager.

Advanced API

Users need to go through an advanced API features authentication process to add a unique API key during registration. All links that registered users generate get saved automatically in their accounts.

URL Validation And Recaptcha

The system has extensive URL validation and reCaptcha process to ensure security.

Advanced Admin Panel

This platform provides a versatile and powerful admin panel to control website operation comfortably. Users can generate custom pages, manage URLs, and control options such as captcha, advertise, API, registration, and many more.

Responsive Template

This system offers three colored responsive templates for users. (Light,Dark & Default)

Fast & Easy Installation

A fast and powerful installer helps users to create and set up a website within a short time.


  • Users can easily create their website
  • Powerful and advanced admin panel
  • WordPress & Zapier Integration
  • Customized URL shortener
  • Device tracking and Geolocator feature
  • Responsive template service for website owners
  • Multiple and customized domain support


Users claim no serious problematic issues with using this system. The system has been actively operational for a long time and upgraded with many features.

Are You Ready for Action?


Many websites or apps are actively providing many services in our regular life. Managing a website with a variety of functions and operations is not an easy task to maintain. Premium URL shortener offers many convenient and powerful features for users and a link shortening service. You can make your regular website activities comfortable with this platform.

Frequently Asked

What technology is used to develop Premium URL Shortener?

Premium URL shortener platform is developed by using PHP scripting language.

Is this tool free for use?

Yes, this tool allows users some features to use without charging costs. But they offer many premium features that have to be paid for.

Can regular website owners use this tool?

Although it is a URL shortening tool, this system offers website owners a wide range of smart features.

What is a URL shortener?

URL shortening is shortening long links into a simpler or short form. It helps users to shorten links to simplify media posts or other use.

Is it possible to create a website using Premium URL shortener?

Yes, Users can create an attractive website with many features from the Premium URL shortener platform.

Can users add multiple domain addresses from this platform?

This platform allows admin users to add multiple domain addresses for their websites.


Are you ready to take action?

Q. Why You Should Take Action Before You Feel Ready But, Not After? A. Taking action before you’re ready will boost your motivation.

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