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Written by ASRAF MASUM

Publish: 31 May, 2024
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You’ll need social proof for your items and photo credit if you happen to meet a celebrity.

However, obtaining social evidence that social media may use video for commercial purposes is more complicated than doing so.

Would you take advantage of the opportunity to collect video testimonials from your customers and distribute them? Do you want to put them on your website and social networking sites?

Hello, and welcome to

Potential clients may believe that you are overselling your items if they do not see any social evidence.

Using SocialJuice, you can easily collect video testimonials from your customers, which you can then post on your website or social networking platforms.

Testimonial videos can help you increase your conversions.

For just $49, you can get a Lifetime Deal with AppSumo.

Introduce yourself to Social Juice.

What Is SocialJuice and How Does It Work?

With SocialJuice, it’s simple to gather video or text testimonials from customers, which you can then publish a message on your website and social media platforms. post on your website and social media channels.

Customer testimonials may be collected by simply giving a link to a custom website you’ve created for them.

Share hosted videos on the internet, create a bespoke carousel for your website, or even download testimonials from your customers.

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Vocal Video

For whom it is most appropriate:

Video testimonials are useful for internet firms and entrepreneurs that wish to enhance credibility and conversions by showcasing their products or services.

Testimonials are collected on this page.

For just $49, you can get a lifetime subscription to AppSumo.

Introduce yourself to SocialJuice.


Introduction to the SocialJuice Review


It enables you to collect user feedback from visitors to your specialized website.

You have complete control over the look and feel of this page, including the colours, message, and visuals that represent your company.

Distribute the link to the page to your consumers by email, social media, or even text message (if available). You may generate a QR code that will allow you to share the package or print materials link with others!

Testimonials are being recorded.

Customers may film video testimonials for your firm using SocialJuice, making it easy for them to do so.

It is possible to film testimonial videos on any device, and customers have the option to examine the video before giving it to the company.

You may also gather text-based testimonials about your page so that your camera-shy consumers can express themselves without being embarrassed in front of the camera.


Users will receive an email reminder whenever a new testimonial is added to their SocialJuice dashboard, ensuring that nothing goes ignored by your audience.

You may then access your video testimonials straight from your dashboard, where you can view, download, insert, and remove them as needed.

Furthermore, because all testimonials are given with customer consent for marketing, it is simple to link testimonials with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The carousel that the video may embed

With SocialJuice, you can easily post the testimonies on the internet by sending a simple link to them. In addition, all films are provided without the presence of advertisements!

With a scrollable carousel that you can integrate directly into your website, you can even share your testimonials with your audience.

Customize the built-in carousel to determine how testimonial information is shown by highlighting personal and corporate names and how testimonials are displayed in general.


Socialjuice In a nutshell, the following are the characteristics:

Create video testimonials to share with others.

Video hosting is available.

Video can download videos.

Social should collect customer information.

Make your page more unique.

There are several spaces.


Modes include dark and bright.

QR code creation is a type of barcode.

Thank you page with a call to action that is tailored to your needs

testimonies are being sorted for ease of use

Notifications of testimonial submissions by email

Compile a list of people’s profiles to create a textual testimonial.

Capture information about potential users.

Pricing for

Pricing for projects begins at $39 each project month. There is a free version available. For additional information on prices, please visit this page.

SocialJuice is offering a one-time deal.

A lifetime exclusive offer of SocialJuice is currently available on appsumo for $49. Appsumo is a treasure trove of high-quality digital goods. I believe this is the finest appsumo bargain that has ever existed. In appsumo, you may save up to 97% on your purchases. Appsumo is the most effective of all lifetime deal websites.

On AppSumo, most of these lifetime Appsumo products will sell out within a week of becoming live on the platform. 

If the SocialJuice lifetime bargain has expired, you can browse comparable programs.

Characteristics of a Lifetime Deal for Review

SocialJuice is available to you for the rest of your life.

All future revisions to the Business Plan

Tier 1 of a license

There are five workstations.

Per workplace, there are 30 video testimonials.

The video is three minutes in duration.

Textual testimonies that are never-ending

Tier 2 licenses are available.

a total of 20 workstations.

Per workplace, there are 50 video testimonials.

The video is three minutes in duration.

Textual testimonies that are never-ending

Remove any SocialJuice branding from your website.

Tier 3 licenses are available.

This package contains all of the features described above.

Workspaces that are almost limitless

Per workspace, you have an unlimited number of video testimonials.

The video is three minutes in duration.

Textual testimonies that are never-ending

See More Information on the Deal Terms

Get instant access to SocialJuice for the rest of your life!

Normally, a lifetime subscription to the site would cost $468.

Additional plans with additional features are available for $99 per month.

A one-time purchase of $49 and $468 is required.

How To Get An Additional $10 Discount For New Users With A Lifetime Deal?

Social will sell out most of these offers within one week of their first release on AppSumo, so take advantage of the finest AppSumo bargains while you still have the opportunity. If the SocialJuice lifetime current bargain has ended, you can browse comparable programs by visiting this page.

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Written by ASRAF MASUM

This is Asraf Masum has arrived. I'm an Internet marketer with over 5 years of experience in traffic generation. I'm here to share my knowledge and expertise on what I know and what works for me with you. Essentially, I am a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, a Social Media Marketer, and a hard worker.

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