Heartbeat Appsumo deal – Alternative to Discord, Slack?

Written by ASRAF MASUM

Publish: 31 May, 2024
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Alternative to Discord or Slack?

When you need to speak with other individuals, you frequently have to create a unique account for each individual or meet on a different platform.

Imagine if you had access to a forum where you and your loved ones could have meaningful conversations about important topics while still having a nice time together.

I’d like to introduce you to Heartbeat appsumo deal.

Hello there, everyone. The TP Staff is here, and we will now announce the Heartbeat Appsumo Lifetime Deal, which is a platform for communication and file sharing.

It’s Asraf Masum here, and today, I can’t wait to tell you about the Heartbeat Appsumo deal! — It’s an Alternative to Alternative to SlackDiscordCircle, and Rocket.Chat?

What exactly is the “Heartbeat Appsumo deal”?

Heartbeat is a communication platform that gives users the ability to host their domain-based conversations, events, and content.

Putting together the components of the ideal customised online community is as simple as using building bricks.

It is an alternative to Slack, Discord, Circle, and Rocket. Chat. This point cannot be emphasised enough.

Heartbeat. Chat is the ideal platform for entrepreneurs, educators, and accelerators interested in simplifying the process of constructing a streamlined community centre.

It enables you to host all of the interactions inside your community on a single interface, including both chat threads and live events.

Additionally, you can easily construct group membership structures with specialised channels and forums.

The Characteristics of the Heartbeat Appsumo Deal

You’ll be able to create fantastic online communities with Heartbeat, ones that are worthy of having tools of the highest calibre.

Let’s have a look at the Heartbeat toolkit that’s been provided down below;

Chats and Topics

You can build Chats and Threads using Heartbeat, both of which can automatically encourage participants to become intimately involved in the topic.

The most effective content for Slack, Discord, and Facebook Groups.


Documents and content

You can easily host content, events, recordings, share papers and links, and do more by using the Heatbeat. Chat platform.

You can use it in place of Notion and Google Drive if you so wish.


You can send invitations to events you create using Heartbeat, much like Google Calendar.

It would be the most effective replacement for Meetup, Eventbrite, and Luma platforms.


It gives you the ability to automate customising and personalising the member pairings for your site.

Lovely, I like that it’s a different option from Donut and Meets.

Voice Rooms

With this time, you can create a voice room at the touch of a button and invite anyone else to join you for professional collaboration.

This functionality can be used in place of Zoom and Google Meet if you choose.


Interested? Get the Lifetime Deal on Heartbeat AppSumo Right Now?


You’ll be able to streamline your processes by connecting all of your favourite and most useful apps with the help of Heartbeat. Chat.

To integrate any tools, all that is required is a single click;

Zapier allows you to connect Heartbeat to thousands of other applications immediately.

Stripe makes it easy to collect payments on a one-time or regular basis.

Automate the process of creating events, sending invites and reminders, and more with Google Calendar.

Zoom allows you to make calls, keep track of attendees, and store recordings.

Sync the pages of Notion with the documents of Heartbeat. Chat.

Tracking engagement, attendance, and more are possible with Salesforce.

API: Heartbeat will make its application programming interfaces (APIs) available to you so that you may build bespoke flows for signups, events, bots, and other purposes.

Are you game? You have been selected to receive the Heartbeat AppSumo Lifetime Deal.


Pricing Plans for the Heartbeat Appsumo deal

Build a magnificent online community hub with ease by utilising the Heartbeat platform.

There are three different pricing tiers available: Starter, Growth, and Business.

Starter Plan Up to one thousand subscribers for $29 each month

standard Suite for Moderation

Personal Branding and Domain Naming

Integrations for Zapier, Zoom, and Google Calendar

Expansion Strategy Unlimited membership is $99 per month.

The suite of Advanced Auto-Moderation Technology

Enhanced Capabilities in Reporting and Analytics

Please click here to view the available payment options;

Or, for just $69.00, you can purchase the Heartbeat AppSumo Lifetime Deal.

Lifetime Purchase Discount on Heartbeat AppSumo [$69]

You can use Heartbeat. Chat to establish highly engaging groups, share documents, organise live events, and do much more,e all from the convenience of a single dashboard.


  • Access to the Heartbeat Growth Plan for an unending period
  • Every Aspect of the Growth Plan Components
  • 2,000 members
  • Unlimited capacity for storage.


Obtain a ten per cent discount by purchasing the Heartbeat Appsumo Lifetime Deal.

If you follow the guidelines below, you will be able to save an additional 10% off of the $69.00 Heartbeat Appsumo Lifetime Deal price.

To access the “Heartbeat Appsumo Lifetime Deal” page, please click here.

Hold off on purchasing until the discount popup appears.

Fill in your email address below.

Simply click on the button that says “UNLOCK MY 10%.”

Please check your inbox for instructions on how to earn an additional 10% off your purchase.

This offer is only valid for the very first purchase.

Hey, Hold On! Do you want a discount of 10% off on all of your purchases?

wonderful news! If you sign up for Appsumo Plus, you’ll get a discount of 10% off every transaction you make.


In this article, we attempt to investigate how useful the Heartbeat chat will be for you and how effective it will be overall.

It is possible to construct an online community centre that is useful and worthwhile.

Therefore, the best time to purchase Heartbeat AppSumo’s lifetime deal is now.

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Written by ASRAF MASUM

This is Asraf Masum has arrived. I'm an Internet marketer with over 5 years of experience in traffic generation. I'm here to share my knowledge and expertise on what I know and what works for me with you. Essentially, I am a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, a Social Media Marketer, and a hard worker.

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