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Publish: 9 Sep, 2022
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A logo provides the first impression of your company. The logo catches the eye, makes a solid first impression, establishes the brand identity, is memorable, and attracts attention.

Nevertheless, designing an attractive logo requires spending money on graphic designers. What is the best solution?

Small businesses and startups often struggle to get a logo without spending much money. Since I am not an expert in graphic design,

I was looking for an easy and efficient way to make logos. This led me to discover DesignEvo Plus.

In terms of logo design, DesignEvo Plus is the best logo software for beginners. You can create a logo quickly and according to your preferences using DesignEvo Plus.

Check out my DesignnEvo review to determine if it is worth the investment. 

I’m Asraf Masum, and I can’t wait to discuss the DesignEvo Plus review with you today! — It’s an Alternative to Mojomox?

What is DesignEvo Plus?

DesignEvo Plus is an online logo maker. You can create a compelling and unique logo with vast art resources without any learning curve. The easy-to-understand interface of the software simplifies logo creation.

Each logo template can be customized to suit your needs. The template allows you to easily modify color, font, text, and shapes. From beginners to experienced graphic designers can use the software to create attractive and effective logos.

It’s an excellent tool for beginners looking for a quick way to create something. And DesignPlus is the premium version of logo-making software. 


DesignEvo Plus Logo Maker review in 2022 

How does DesignEvo Plus work?

Designing a logo using DesingEvo is quite simple. A few clicks can help you get your brand’s desired logo. To create a logo in DeisgnEvo:

  • Create a DesignEvo Plus account using your email address or Facebook account
  •  Click on “Make a free logo.”
  • Select a template
  • Add icon, text, and background according to your choice
  • Save you logo

Using the free version, you can download only 300px of the logo. But if you want a high-resolution logo, you must use DesignEvo basic or DeisgnEvo plus

What is the difference between DesignEvo basic and DesignEvo plus?

DesignEvo Basic offers $24.99 (per logo) and allows unlimited edits and downloads in up to 5,000 px. Resolution. The cost of DesignEvo Plus per logo project is $49.99. It allows you to save and edit your design and download the SVG file before printing without losing quality.

Additionally, you can download JPGs, PNGs, transparent PNGs, PDFs, and fonts. What’s best, it offers copyright ownership using this paid package.  

You Can Try DesignEvo Plus.

Features of DesignEvo Plus

Make logos online with ease.

You cannot download the software to your phone. Use browsers to create logos from anywhere, anytime. Besides, there are Android and iOS versions of the app for making logos using mobile phones. 

Templates of DesignEvo Plus

Over 10 thousand templates are available for users on the web version for all plans. A template is a premade generic logo that can be modified by simply changing the text, shape, or color. Different categories will help you choose a temple according to your business type. 


The icons you use for your logos are vector graphics. There are millions of icons available to use on DesignEvo. Besides, you can search according to your needs.

You can work on an icon by clicking it and adding it to your project. It is possible to change the icon’s color, flip it, and adjust its opacity while it is selected. 


Text is the essential part of the icon. DesignEvo offers you the possibility to create text objects according to your preferences. The options include font family, size, bold, italic, uppercase, outline, shadow, and glow.


There are a variety of shapes available that you can use to make your logo attractive. 


You can set a different background for the whole project or disable it entirely. Gradient templates are also available to add extra polish to your logo.

Ease of Use

Users without graphic design knowledge can easily create attractive logos with the online logo maker. There is no need to watch tutorials to understand how the software works.

You can still learn how to create logos using the logo maker by watching videos on Reddit and YouTube.  

User Interface

It consists mainly of a prominent left-hand sidebar, from which all the visuals will be created, which is simple to understand.

DesignEvo Plus Review: Benefits and Drawbacks 

It is easy to see why many people like DesignEvo Plus. Take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of using DesignEvo Plus.


  • You can get crisp, transparent files with DesignEvo Plus.
  • Support from a specialist.
  •  You can print premade files that will look great.
  • There are also vector files available.
  • Plus package includes a transparent PNG file with all other formats
  •  The file can be edited and downloaded as many times as needed.
  • Complete copyright ownership
  • Get access to font files.
  • You can use the logos for commercial purposes.


You can also use DesignEvo on Android and iOS, but the web and mobile versions are not synchronized. That means mobile apps cannot access logos you’ve created using the web version. If I find any other cons to the software, I will add them here. 

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Final Thoughts

In this article, I have tried to provide a complete DesignEvo review. As a result, you will be able to decide if you should use DesignEvo Plus or not for your next logo project. DesignEvo is a great online logo maker with an easy-to-use interface. The online software suits many consumers, including freelancers, business owners, entrepreneurs, agencies, and startups.

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Frequently Asked

Which is the best online logo maker?

Several online logo makers are available to create attractive logos for your brand. Canva, Ucraft., GraphicSprings, Logo Creator, and LogoMaker are some of the most popular online logo makers.

Is logo maker any good?

Yes, you can use logo makers to create logos for your brand. An online logo maker offers an easy-to-use interface for creating logos without graphic design knowledge.

Which platform offers the best custom logo design services?

You can hire a graphic designer to make a custom logo for your brand. Besides, you can use Wix logo maker, Looka, or Canava to create unique and attractive logos.

What is the description of the design?

Design descriptions are plans or specifications for constructing objects or systems or implementing activities or processes.

What is the best free logo maker?

Several online free logo makers are available to make unique and attractive logos. You can use platforms like Wix, Canava, DesignEvo, and Logo Maker to create suitable logos for you or your clients.

How do I make a high-quality logo?

Use a premium version of an online logo maker or hire a graphic designer to create a high-resolution logo.

Is Canva good for making logos?

Yes, You can use Canava to create logos. The platform offers free and premium versions to create logos for your brand.

Which is the best logo designing company?

Many companies are available online that offer easy-to-use platforms to create logos. Wix logo maker, Canava, DesignEvo, and Tailor Brand are some of the most popular logo designing companies.

Is Wix logo maker good?

Wix is one of the best online logo maker platforms. The interface is easy to use and offers a wide range of options to create unique and attractive logos for your company.

How can I design my logo?

There are so many online logo maker platforms available that you can use to create your logos. Creating a logo using these platforms does not require any specialized knowledge. These online logo maker platforms offer free and premium versions to create unique and attractive logos. 

Is there any free logo creator?

If you are searching for a free logo maker, you should use Canava. There are attractive templates and easy customizations, and you can upload your icons.

How can I make a logo free of cost?

If you want to create a free logo, you can use the online free logo maker websites like DesignEvo, Canava, or Wix.


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