Depositphotos AppSumo Deal Review: Is it Shutterstock Alternative?


Updated: May 1, 2023 @ 2:42 PM
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If you’re looking for an affordable and efficient platform for downloading royalty-free images, Depositphotos might be a good option for you. Recently, Depositphotos offered a one-time purchase deal for $117 on AppSumo, which includes 300 one-time photo/vector downloads, and access to over 195 million images.

That can be used for commercial purposes both online and in print. But how does Depositphotos compare to other similar platforms like Shutterstock?

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Today’s world, digital content is everywhere. Websites, social media, and advertising all require high-quality images to grab the attention of their audiences. Two of the most popular stock photo websites, Depositphotos and Shutterstock, offer a wide variety of images and other digital content for creative professionals.

👋 Hey Sumo-lings! I’m Asraf Masum In this review, I will provide a comprehensive comparison of these two platforms and the AppSumo deal they offer.

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Background Information of Depositphotos


Founded in 2009, Depositphotos has quickly become a leading platform for high-quality stock photos and videos. The platform offers over 200 million files that are royalty-free and available for commercial use. In addition to photos and videos, Depositphotos also offers vector images, illustrations, and editorial content. The platform’s subscription plans are affordable, with prices starting at just $29 per month.


Shutterstock was founded in 2003 and is one of the largest stock photo websites in the world. The platform offers over 330 million images, videos, and music tracks that are available for commercial use.

In addition to stock content, Shutterstock also offers custom content creation and editing services. The platform’s pricing plans are flexible, with options for subscription or on-demand purchasing.

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Depositphotos AppSumo Deal

Depositphotos recently offered a deal on AppSumo, which included a lifetime subscription to their basic plan for a one-time fee. Compared to the regular price of $29 per month to $299 per year, this deal was a steal for those in need of high-quality stock images.

Benefits of the depositphotos deal

The AppSumo deal provides users with unlimited downloads, which means that you can use as many images as you need without worrying about additional fees. Additionally, the lifetime subscription makes it a cost-effective option for long-term projects and businesses.

Limitations of the depositphotos deal

The basic plan only includes access to standard quality images, which might not be sufficient for those looking for high-resolution photos or videos. Additionally, the plan only covers a single user, so team collaboration might be limited.

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Depositphotos AppSumo Deal Review

Features Comparison

Depositphotos and Shutterstock offer a similar set of features, such as advanced search options, curated collections, and legal protection. However, there are some key differences worth noting.

Depositphotos advantages

  • Depositphotos offers a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easier to navigate and find the perfect image for your project.
  • Additionally, Depositphotos provides a wide range of customization options for your images, including color correction, retouching, and resizing.

Depositphotos disadvantages

  • Depositphotos’ search algorithm might not be as accurate as Shutterstock’s, and some images might not be properly tagged, making it harder to find the right image.
  • Additionally, Depositphotos’ pricing plans can be a bit confusing, especially for those new to the platform.

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Pricing Comparison

When it comes to pricing, both platforms offer a range of plans to fit different budgets and needs. However, Depositphotos and Shutterstock have different pricing structures and options.

Depositphotos pricing

Depositphotos offers a variety of plans, including monthly and yearly subscriptions, and on-demand credits. Their pricing ranges from $29 per month to $299 per year, depending on the plan and the number of downloads.

Shutterstock pricing

Shutterstock offers monthly and yearly subscriptions, as well as image packs for those who need a smaller number of images. Their pricing ranges from $29 per month to $199 per month, depending on the plan and the number of images.

Depositphotos AppSumo Deal Review

Customer Reviews

To determine the overall customer satisfaction of each platform, we analyzed customer reviews for both Depositphotos and Shutterstock. Depositphotos has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, with users praising the platform for its high-quality images and excellent customer service. Shutterstock, on the other hand, has an average rating of 3.9 stars out of 5, with users citing issues with customer service and poor image quality. Overall, while both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, Depositphotos appears to have a higher level of customer satisfaction.

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Ease of Use

Finally, we evaluated the user interface and experience of both Depositphotos and Shutterstock. While both platforms offer a user-friendly interface, Depositphotos stands out for its simple and intuitive navigation, as well as its robust search functionality.

Shutterstock, on the other hand, offers a more complex interface, which can be overwhelming for new users. Overall, if ease of use is a priority for you, Depositphotos may be the better choice.

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Customer Support

Depositphotos offers customer support via email and live chat. However, the platform does not offer phone support, which can be a drawback for customers who prefer to speak with support agents directly. On the other hand, Shutterstock offers phone and email support, which can be more convenient for some customers.

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Pros and Cons

Depositphotos’ pros include a wide selection of images, affordable pricing, and a user-friendly interface. However, its cons include inconsistent search results and limited licensing options. In contrast, Shutterstock’s pros include a vast library of high-quality images and a user-friendly platform, but its cons include high pricing and limited licensing options [2].

Depositphotos AppSumo Deal Review

Depositphotos vs. Shutterstock: User Reviews

According to user reviews, Depositphotos rates 4.4/5 stars with 39 reviews, while Shutterstock rates 4.4/5 stars with 510 reviews on G2 [2]. Although both platforms have similar ratings, it’s important to note that Depositphotos has fewer reviews overall.

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Depositphotos Sales and Selling Photos

Depositphotos primarily operates on a subscription-based model, similar to Shutterstock, and also allows for the purchase of Credits which offer higher royalties for contributors. The Depositphotos website design and layout is professional and easy to navigate, making it simple to find and use their tools [3].

Depositphotos Alternative to Shutterstock

If Depositphotos doesn’t seem like the best fit for you, there are other options available. For example, Exclusive 99club, iStock, Photocase, and Low Volume are some Shutterstock alternatives that offer varying benefits, including great prices, high-quality images, and unlimited downloads.

Looking for a Shutterstock alternative?

Consider Depositphotos AppSumo Deal! With over 195 million images and easy navigation, Depositphotos offers great content and prices. Other top alternatives include Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, iStock, and 123RF. Join the Depositphotos community today!

Depositphotos Review: Overall

Overall, Depositphotos seems like a reliable and cost-effective platform for royalty-free images. The recent one-time purchase deal on AppSumo is definitely worth considering, as it offers a considerable discount and access to a large library of images. Depositphotos is recommended for a wide range of users, from social media personalities to small business owners.


While both Depositphotos and Shutterstock offer a wide range of high-quality images and multimedia, there are significant differences to consider in terms of features, pricing, customer reviews, and ease of use. Ultimately, the best platform for you will depend on your individual needs and priorities.

We hope that this article has provided you with the information you need to make an informed decision. if you’re looking for an alternative to Shutterstock, Depositphotos is definitely worth considering. Its user-friendly interface, large image library, and reasonable pricing make it a great option for anyone in need of royalty-free images.

Based on my analysis, I recommend Depositphotos for customers seeking an affordable and reliable source of high-quality stock photos. Please let me know if you have any feedback or further instructions. I look forward to working with you again in the future.


Can Depositphotos images be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, all images on Depositphotos can be used for commercial purposes both online and in print.

How many images are available on Depositphotos?

Depositphotos offers access to over 195 million images.

What is the cost of the recent Depositphotos AppSumo deal?

The recent Depositphotos AppSumo deal was offered for a one-time purchase of $117, which includes 300 one-time photo/vector downloads.

Are there any alternative platforms to Depositphotos and Shutterstock?

Yes, some popular alternatives include Exclusive 99club, iStock, Photocase, and Low Volume.

Is Depositphotos recommended for small business owners?

Yes, Depositphotos is recommended for all types of people, including small business owners, social media personalities, marketers, bloggers, trainers, and coaches.

What are some current Depositphotos coupon codes?

There are multiple Depositphotos coupon codes available for use as of the current date. Some of the available coupons include: Get upto 50% OFF coupon code & Save 20% sitewide on your next purchase.

What are some current Depositphotos promo codes?

Some current Depositphotos promo codes include 20% OFF sitewide, up to 50% OFF your purchase, and free weekly stock images with email signup. For more promo codes, coupons, and deals, visit the How to Get AppSumo Promo Code blog post.

What is the Appsumo Depositphotos deal?

The Appsumo Depositphotos deal offers 100 credits at DepositPhotos for only $39. This deal is useful for bloggers who use a lot of stock photos to illustrate their posts and for social media. The sale may not last long, so it is recommended to take advantage of it soon.

What kind of discounts can I get with Depositphotos coupon codes?

Depositphotos coupon codes can provide various discounts for subscriptions and on-demand downloads, ranging from a percentage off to a fixed dollar amount of the purchase price. Some codes may offer a discount of up to 65%, while others may give you 25% OFF everything on Depositphotos. In addition to discounts, Depositphotos also offers many free photos, images, and videos on their free files page.

What does Depositphotos Download refer to?

Depositphotos Download refers to the process of acquiring digital content from Depositphotos, such as stock photos, images, and videos, for personal or commercial use. Users can download the content by purchasing a subscription or on-demand downloads from the website.

Did you take advantage of the Depositphotos Deal?

Yes, I did.

What is Depositphotos Deal?

A deal that offers 100% royalty-free photos from Depositphotos.

Are there any Deposit Stock Photos available?

Yes, there are.

Are there any Night Deposit Photos available online?

Yes, there are.

What is Deposit Photos Inc?

A stock photography company that offers millions of high-quality stock photos, vectors, and videos for purchase and download.

How much does Depositphotos charge for its services?

Varies based on the chosen plan and subscription period.

Is there a discount for Depositphotos Appsumo?

Yes, Appsumo sometimes offers discounts for Depositphotos.

What is Depositphotos 100 For $39?

A pricing deal is offered by Depositphotos for 100 stock photos for $39.

What is Deposit Photos Pricing?

It is the pricing structure for Deposit Photos, a stock photo website that offers a variety of subscription plans for purchasing stock photos. For more details on their pricing, you can visit their website.

What are Depositphotos Images?

Depositphotos Images are stock photos available for purchase on the Depositphotos website.

Are Shutterstock and Depositphotos the same company?

No, Shutterstock and Depositphotos are two separate stock photography companies.

What is the offer for Depositphotos 100 images for $100?

Depositphotos is currently offering 100 images for $100.

Does Depositphotos offer a free trial?

Yes, Depositphotos offers a free trial that allows you to download any 10 stock images for free.

Does Depositphotos offer videos in addition to photos?

Yes, Depositphotos offers videos along with photos, illustrations, vectors, and music/SFX.

Does Depositphotos offer music for download?


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