VidProposal Review — Is It the Video Marketer Killer?

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Last updated this page on 29 July 2021 | VidProposal Review | ASRAF MASUM

Hey guys, are you looking for a genuine and honest VidProposal review? If so, your search will end here. This in-depth review article will explain what this product is, how it works, its pros and cons, pricing with full features and everything about it.

Did you know that due to this global pandemic, agency owners cannot meet their clients face to face, and that is why it is complicated nowadays to convert clients to pay clients?


But here, the VID proposal solves the most significant problem! It allows you to provide that personal touch while being socially away. Studies show that unique presentations convert better than a standard email.

Vidpoposal can bring you hot clients without physically fulfilling your potential, looking for targeted leads,


VidProposal-ReviewWHAT IS VidProposal?

It’s Asraf Masum here, and today, I can’t wait to tell you about VidProposal Review.

VidProposals software is a platform that uses video to create and send secret deals. The software used can engage customers with video screenplay articles and meaningful videos. Sign in the documentation and software to monitor for minimised changes in minute connections. Marketers, Small and Medium organisations use the software.


Neil-Napier, Let me introduce you to the great personality behind thisVidProposal Review: Neil Napier.

He has been in this online marketing field for many years. He has gained so much experience designing products that help users maximise their chances of making money online Throughout his journey.

Here are some of his most successful products: GoTraffic, 10xSocial, Meetvio Evolution, Spyvio, Content Gorilla 2.0, Clickvio, GrabVid, Funnelvio.


The fact is that there are more than five million local businesses listed on Facebook and Google. And they are all looking for some service.

People on your mailing list have purchased numerous service provider applications. But what they are missing is a robust and complete system to seal the deal and start ranking in large numbers.

The missing link to VidProposals, your list will like VidProposals because it is possible for them to convert their leads into sales.


HOW VidProposals WORKS?

Here are the three simple steps to create and send your first video proposal.

Pick A Template or Not:

  • Need to send the proposal fast?
  • Customise a template from the built-in library.
  • Or create your template from scratch.


Add, remove, and modify content to suit your specific needs – insert your organisation’s colour, add an introductory video, or brand the offer with your logo.

Hit Send:

Your offer will appear in your expected inbox via a beautifully designed email with your logo and message.

And with the integrated signature feature in VidProposals, your prospect can sign your legally binding contract in minutes.

WHO IS VidProposals FOR?

Local Marketers – now they can safely create their offers with a personal video to their valued clients, so they have a secure, legal agreement to sign with an e-signature

Digital Marketers – now they can personally offer a custom video with their clients worldwide and connect via an agreement to add their e-signature

Freelancers – Get the protection of a clear, legal, signed contract for the services they provide to their clients.

Agencies – can now provide contract management services in their portfolio of client solutions.

Affiliate Marketers – can now provide a suite of top tools that offer quality and protection to their clients.


  • Create custom business offers from dozens of templates or scratches
  • Add graphics, text and video that can record in the app
  • Include a legal, secure agreement for clients to sign, including e-signatures
  • Notify your client when opening and signing the agreement
  • Reviews returned at any time
  • Create offers for local businesses and charge them
  • Set up your video offering agency platform
  • Be able to generate hundreds of qualified leads per day with our included free tools.

VidProposals FEATURES

Here are some exciting features of VidProposals that have never been seen before.

Create professional offers- Wow your clients with our all-in-one offer platform.

Close Big Money Contracts- Earn Bank Top Dollars as per contract without selling or making any products.

Host all your offers on bid proposal servers for super-fast Delivery – you don’t need to host any requests yourself.

Create Custom Pages to Celebrate New Deals Thanks – Custom Thanks Pages ensure that your suggestions are kept personal for each client.

Notify when the client sees the agreement – Instantly notice any sales opportunity

Both parties can safely download PDFs of the signed agreement – the best way to move things forward is to keep both parties in control of the situation. No surprises Time and date stamp capture for further accountability – both clients and sellers are fully aware of the signing of the contract.


Add CTA to the right of the video This in itself is an essential part of the offer: Ask for a sale.

Send an email with a link to give your client all the relevant information and agreement to sign the offer page – no longer looking for lost emails or long URLs. It’s all in one place.

Customise the offer to reflect your brand – add your colour and logo to each request to keep a consistent, professional look.

Also, customise each proposal for each client – each proposal reflects the needs, wants and aspirations in question.

Chrome extension makes your video recording very simple – no download is required to create your suggestions.

Record your message with just your camera screen – you can choose what kind of video offer you want to send

Or record both your camera and your screen – and of course, we can do both at the same time.

Secured Proposals- Signed proposals cannot be deleted. We are not giving anyone who wants to play the system or create clutter in your account—signing off, Delivery securely.

VidProposals review— PROS & CONS


  • VidProposals are easy to use.
  • 100% newbie-friendly
  • No tech skills are needed.
  • Bid proposals is a web-based app meaning nothing to download
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Huge bonuses included
  • Walkthrough video tutorials included.


  • It would help you got in touch with support for any issues regarding VidProposals.
  • There will be a price Increase after every day of Launch.
  • Honestly, I do not find any other problem with the VidProposals.


Attention: Not only are you getting a fantastic deal on this product when you buy during launch week, but I’ve multiple the value by adding in the extra bonuses below! All you have to do is buy through any link on this page.

Bonus 1: Customer CIA (Price 197$)

Some ordinary customers can buy your product, and there we call hyper-responsive buyers who want to find you and buy your product. I may ask which of these buyers do you want to attract?

Okay, let me tell you a secret. This is why it is essential to gather the right insights about your perfect buyer before you start marketing your product or service.

Now, after drawing my attention, how can you create a buyer profile? And beyond that, how do you know where to find these people? And how to write your sales copy so that it appeals to them?

Bonus 2: High Ticket Client Secrets (Value  147$)

Who wants to get high ticket clients from today! How do you want to start earning double, triple, quarter or 10X earnings? Start this month?

If you’re used to paddling low-ticket offers below 50$, I’d like to know if you want to increase your game and start selling higher tickets. I’m talking about 500$, 1,000$, 2,000$ sales and more!

Bonus 3: Easy to SEO (Value 247$)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A website or webpage has a set of optimisation strategies applied to a website or webpage to rank at the top of the search results based on the keyword or collection of keywords optimised for that website or webpage.

You are about to learn all the basics about SEO and the easy way to benefit from it.


In conclusion, buying VidProposalsbis a worthwhile investment thanks to its vast collection, innovative features and ability to help you succeed in approved marketing.

Moreover, don’t make the mistake of asking for a 14-day refund without asking any questions. You can now get this golden opportunity to get all of them with no worries about non-prices and scams like them.

Thank you for reading my review from start to finish. I hope it helped you in your purchase decision.


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