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Posting at a specific time every day is difficult, so I use POSTOPLAN social media marketing tools. This app can allow you to publish an automated and social media schedule in several respects.

postoplan review

Postoplan seized critics’ attention on hundreds of social media marketing tools in the light of the advantages of a user, quicker and more efficient social media automation platform. You have to publish at least 2 to 3 posts per day on your social networks if you want social media marketing.

But the main challenge is that it is always challenging to post every day at a particular time. And for this purpose, I use POSTOPLAN tools for social media marketing. And that is why I will share and study this software with my personal experience. This software will help you post automated and social media schedule posting in several ways.

What does Postoplan mean?

POSTOPLAN is an innovative social network and marketing messengers tool for marketing, scheduling, and promoting social media channels. This is an award-winning service that is trusted in 147 countries by more than 25,000 specialists and businesses.

The Facebook Group, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business Page, Linkedin, WhatsApp group, Telegram Group, WordPress, and Slack can all be accessed through the all-in-one platform. The positive thing is that you can schedule posts and update them on your social media automatically.

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How can I handle it Postoplan?

Perhaps you wonder how POSTOPLAN works? Okay, let’s dive deep. Start stuff with your media accounts and messengers. You can schedule your first post in the post-editor until everything is ready to go. Videos and hashtags for text images and a sample of a social network are available.

A built-in graphic editor is also provided for POSTOPLAN.

Okay, that’s okay! The graphics editor helps you to build your post in-house. You can install effects, text, stickers, and dialog bubbles in the POSTOPLAN picture libraries packed with thousands of images.

You can also change the picture to suit whatever social platform you want. You will be forwarded back to the post editor after you press publish.

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A color category can be allocated to each post to be structured and can publish it or plan it later. You may also build a perennial post many times posted.

Set dates and times to establish repetitive content. Both the posts will end up in the calendar of content plans.

postoplan reviewPOSTOPLAN can also be connected to RSS feeds.

What you need to do is copy the RSS connect and pick your posts’ profiles. POSTOPLAN knows that there’s a lot of content you’re juggling. You can also break it into tasks, develop as many projects as you like, and incorporate managers.

POSTOPLAN Pricing Authority

They have two forms of policies to subscribe to. One is open, the other VIP. Let me talk about the specifics of pricing.

Free Subscription

FREE status requires you to use six social networks and messaging infinite numbers of accounts. Using 1 RSS feed, you can publish up to 50 posts a month.

VIP subscription

VIP status requires you to use nine social networks, texting, and advanced functionality. VIP status rewards you with rights. With an unlimited RSS feed, you can publish no more than 500 articles per month.

postoplan reviewYou can still buy other things if you run out of available posts.

  • $4.99 for 100 posts
  • $9.99 for 500 posts
  • $16.99 for 1,000 posts

POSTOPLAN Lifetime Deal!

POSTOPLAN has a lifetime deal for you; good news for you now. Don’t miss that lifetime contract! You never again pay the total tool price! Now save up to 97%.

Plans and Features: (Deal Terms)

  •  POSTOPLAN VIP Plan Lifetime Access
  • Within 60 days of order, you must redeem your code(s).
  • All future updates to the VIP Plan
  • Stack up to 3 standard codes
  • Conforming GDPR
  • Just for new users and no current POSTOPLAN accounts
  • 60-day cash return bonus, no matter why.

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Features of both plans included: (Starting lifetime deal at $39.00)

  • Unlimited inclusion to hashtags most used.
  • Complete Facebook communication with customers Unlimited Facebook response
  • Pages and communities on Facebook
  • Telegram – Networks and communities
  • Accounts with Twitter
  • Google accounts for the company.
  • Feed and stories Instagram
  • LinkedIn – pages and online profile of the organization
  • WhatsApp groups party
  • Set up the interface architecture
  • Calendar of dates and holidays for incorporation with WordPress
  • User functions of the project
  • More than one picture in an article
  • No promotional messages from partners
  • Interface Ad-free

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