How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name For Your Blog OR Business?

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Last updated this page on 01 July 2021 | How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name | ASRAF MASUM


A domain name is an identification stand that defines the area of ​​administrative autonomy, authority, or control within the Internet.

Domain names are used in a variety of networking contexts and for application-specific naming and addressing purposes.

In general, a domain name identifies a network domain, or it presents an Internet Protocol (IP) structure, such as a computer used to access the Internet

A website hosting server computer, or the website itself or any other service communicating via the Internet. In 2017, 330.6 million domain names were registered.

The rules and Method make domain names of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered in DNS is a domain name.

Domain names are organized at the lower level (subdomains) of the DNS root domain, anonymous. The first-level set of domain names, including top-level domains (TLDs) with generic top-level domains (GTLDs), consists of prominent domains, data, .net, .edu and .org, and country-code top-quality domains (ccTLD).

Below these top-level domains in DNS Hierarchy, second-level and third-level domain names are usually open to the Web site for users who want to connect local user networks to the Internet, create or operate other publicly accessible Internet resources.

What is the domain name?

A domain name is mainly the name of your website. A domain name is simply a human-readable IP address, and Internet users can access your website.

Domain name uses to identify URLs for specific web pages. For example, at URL, the domain name is asrafmasum, and .com is the extension.

What are the types of domains?

6 different types of domains:

  1.     Top Level Domains (TLDs) The URL of each website can be divided into several sections,
  2.     Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD)
  3.     Generic top-level domain (gTLD),
  4.     Second Level Domain (SLD),
  5.     Third-level domain,
  6.     Premium domain

Why is your domain name so important?

A domain name is essential for your website to have a unique identity. The domain name must be unique to ensure that no two parties have the same domain name because it can create a problem and defeat the purpose of creating Your brand identity. Your domain name is not just your own identity but also your online business card. Unfortunately, some people realize they don’t care about their domain name and lose their entire online identity.


It’s easy to get lost if you don’t understand how your domain name works. Technically, a domain name uses for computer identification on the Internet and for that. Since computers use Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, different series of numbers used for identification. Since there are many IP addresses, domain names create unique identities for each website.

How to choose an attractive domain name?

Selecting a domain name is as important as choosing your child’s name. It requires a long process of thought and consideration. It should be something that represents your website worldview, their goals for their future, and a name that is easy to understand and will not bring ridicule or confusion to your family. The same goes for your domain. There are additional factors involve in choosing the perfect domain name for your business.

Do you know How to choose a perfect domain name?

Choosing a domain name for your website is the most important decision your business makes. The experience that users of your brand will experience is the first piece of your name And acts as a symbolic placeholder for your business users’ minds. Therefore, make sure the domain name you choose is available for purchase and that it matches (or closely matches) your brand or business name. When choosing a name for your organization, start by answering the following questions:

  1.     What ideas and feelings do you want for the name of your store?
  2.     Do you choose a domain name that customers can easily remember?
  3.     Do you want to include your domain name?
  4.     What is your budget?

It will not cost too much for a registered domain, but an established domain can be expensive.

When it comes to ideas for your website name, you can sit around and wait for inspiration, and then your domain is available – or you can become proactive and research some real, effective domain names.

Step-By-Step Guide to Choosing a Domain Name:

Find the best domain name using these simple tips. It will help make your business well-known and prosperous. 

– Why is the .com best domain?

The .com domain extension is by hugely used and most valuable domain suffix. In a nutshell, Google is biased towards websites with a .com TLD. .org, .net, .info .com has become the default domain extension and is, therefore, the most memorable. In short, .com is the best domain extension for SEO. So, try Always to prefer the (.com) domain.

– Avoid numbers and hyphens.

Your domain names need to be a word or a few words that make sense together. It is difficult to verbally communicate a domain name with space, a hyphen or a number. Your domain says aloud; people may not know if it uses different spellings or if they leave or forget a dash somewhere. The best practice is to stick to the A-Z letter and leave out the numbers and other symbols, no matter how tempting it may be. When reviewing the readability of your domain name, you’ll also want to make sure that when it is writing together without spaces. It won’t read otherwise. You do not want to be desperate if you cannot get the right option, so invest in a good company.

– Use only keywords if possible.

 It is ideal but not necessary to fit the keywords of your website in its domain. If you’re unable to achieve this, that’s fine, don’t waste rest over it. Never choose one word for your domain name because you think it’s interesting or wants to cling to a keyword. It is even more important to gear your domain towards your website visitors and the brand message you want to communicate. In addition, there will be many advantages to take benefit of keyword optimization of your website and your blog posts. 

The benefits of domain name short URLs:

Short URLs, usually two words or less, or a brand name also have some very specific advantages. Short domain names are easy to read since they are too short and easy to remember. Also, since they take up less space, it is easier to include any printed material such as business cards or brochures.


Short URLs are more likely to be “attractive” and more likely to “stick” to someone’s head. For example, if you choose the common URL “PinkBT” for your children’s clothing boutique, it’s easy to remember when previous visitors want to return. The skill of staying with someone after visiting your site is a huge leg up of short domain names, especially when you want to build relationships with your visitors.

The only downside to short URLs is that they are more likely to be accepted already, especially if your brand name is 100% unique, not a make-up word or contains a simple word or phrase. It may require you to create some creative URL names, or it may mean that you have to pay a bit more for a domain name with a different extension. In any way, obtaining a short website URL like your choice can help.

– Build your brand

You want to say your domain name for yourself. And in short, your domain name should recognize your business and what it does. You don’t want people surfing the internet to get confused about your domain and work to get it out. If it’s confusing to see your visitors for the first time, they probably won’t click through to your website, let alone buy your service or product. Once you know who you are and the message you want to communicate, you’ll want to make sure your word is broad enough to be relevant five years from now. For example, if your business currently only offers blog writing services, you may not want to choose “” because you can add SEO services, web design, and branding to your list of available products in a few years. The Wiggle Room is important when choosing the perfect domain name.

– Keep it small and sweet.

 As I mentioned earlier, you want your domain to be at most one or more words. Here, Your company name is asraf, masum, Masum and Associates, but Masumassocciates, is a bit long. Long domain names allow visitors to misspell or type your name incorrectly. You always want your domain name to be simple and famous,

 a phrase or name that pops into someone’s mind with a moment’s notice and makes it easier for them to type in the browser. Fight the urge to keep your full message and name in your domain, and instead, keep it short and sweet.

– Be memorable and unique.

Be different! Don’t try to create a similar domain to someone else or your competition. Instead, be sure to do some research when choosing your domain and making sure it’s not the same or too close to anyone else. It Says that there are millions of unique domain names out there, so finding a memorable and interesting one would be more fun and easier. Choosing a memorable domain is an important Figure of your business strategy because the perfect domain name affects how your visitors find and see your products and business. The good idea is to share your domain name ideas with your friends and colleagues to make sure it looks appealing and conveys it to others.


Choosing a domain name should not be a five-minute process that has no modifications. It is an important part for your online business, Endeavour to get a good amount of attention. You should think the same amount about naming your baby or pet animals. Your domain name will get into you for the rest of your business life. Choosing the perfect domain name will build your brand, strengthen your message, and promote your culture. Be memorable, be unique!

How to Get People to keep in mind Your Name easily?

     Here are the 5 ways to help others remember your name:

  • First, wear name badges where people can see them! You are not in the witness protection project. It is not a big secret. Please put it on display already! And for a visual guy like me, printing your name is a huge help.
  • Second, give someone a hint to remember your name. People often repeat your name (“Did you say your name is Julie?”). You want people to remember this – lend them a hand! (“Yeah, my name is Julie, just like that old MTV program Just She’s known as Julie”). If I look for the light conversation, I can also go to my book collections that are mistyped to “Judy” because it’s also quite memorable (currently, 3 of these are due to my husband’s accent).
  • “Yes, my name is Julie. I probably liked the Latin “Julia”, but my name was “Julia”. So, use your name in the conversation – and I don’t want to call myself weird, talking like a third person.
  • Buddy with your spouse to help you. Use your name more in their conversations, and you can do the same for them—no need to go to the top. A few times can help.
  • Introduce yourself. You have no value for it, and if you can remove the fear of not knowing your name through a simple reminder, you will get more attention from me. “Hi, we’ve met before – I’m Julie.” Maybe they’ll say they cleverly remember it already. Total bonus which they can reinvent themselves!

Some of the most popular registrars here:

And lets you know how everyone takes action in terms of price, ease of use and customer support.

These domain name registrars are ICANN-accredited, meaning the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has officially authorized their domain names.

Let’s jump straight!


If you are starting a blog for the first time, you can find our ultimate guide on how to get started with a WordPress blog as it takes you to step by step through each step.

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How to choose a domain name extension; For more domain name ideas, you can check out our top 14 free domain name generators or use WPBegner’s AI-powered business name generator that also checks domain name availability.

It is the end. I hope this article will help you choose the perfect domain name for your blog or business.


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