Email Videos Pro Lifetime Deal! Mario Brown

Email Videos Pro Lifetime Deal
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Email marketing is an online business’s lifeblood. However, the critical thing is that when you send emails to your users, you get a low open rate and a CTR (click-through rate). We always expect a high open-rate in our email campaign and a high click-through rate to our email. So, How are we able to get a high open-rate and contact between email readers by Email Videos Pro?

Email Videos ProYes, this is the hack, and I’ll teach you a quick trick in this article with a product review, and you’ll get a higher reader engagement like this after reading the full article. In this article, I will review Mario Brown’s Email Videos Pro. Let us check the rundown of this program before diving into the main video:

Software Name: Email Videos Pro (Visit Official Site)

Creator: Mario Brown (Ada Leadz, ViidCloud, and several more, developer as well.)

Price: $37

Do I suggest?: Certainly Yes.

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What Is Email Videos Pro?

The first software that can play real videos inside the emails is Email Video Pro. It is not a.gif file, you said; it is real full-length videos!

Consider it, we generally see a copy on our inbox in text and picture format and often the moving gif formatted copy of the email. Photo is better than introductory text, and, of necessity, videos are the better option.

So, I believe you understand the copy’s strength.

Email Videos Pro offers you and your subscribers a superb instrument if you want to optimize their click-through rate and 10x your engagement, and also 10x your sales and email performance.

Who Would Use Email Videos Pro?

This is great for video marketers, businesses, local marketing firms, freelancers, online sellers, and anybody with a video doing something. And the cool thing is, all mobile devices are controlled and are licensed for commercial use.

About Product Seller/Vendor

Born in Durham, Germany, but raised in Germany, Mario Brown (Nuremberg). The exceptional online marketer Mario Brown covers Foundr Magazine, No.4, a journal featuring individuals outstanding for the success of their business.

Mario Brown (Ada Leadz, ViidCloud, and several more, developer as well.)

Email marketing toolsFeatures for Email Videos Pro

Let’s find out the key features of this software to appreciate the power of Email Videos Pro. Any video inside the email is the key feature of this application.

After signing into this cloud base app, this is the primary dashboard.

Here are few main menus such as:

  • My Campaign
  • Video Templates
  • My Videos
  • Reseller
  • Whitelabel
  • My Profile
  • Support

Email Videos ProMy Campaign for Email Videos Pro

Creating the campaign here is possible. You must click on this menu to build your campaign. You’ll see something like this picture when you open the menu.

Here you can launch campaigns from scratch, or you’ll see some videos here if you have previous campaigns. There are just four steps to finish the campaign setup.

Make the name and overview of your campaign the first move.

Email Videos ProYou can select any YouTube, Dropbox, Wistia, or Vimeo videos in the second level. You should import your photos from your machine. You need to send the URL to the video. And here’s a fun bit, you’ll get a built-in video library and almost any subject you’ll find.

Email Videos ProNow the time for your video editing. Here, you can change your videos’ distance, height, video settings, and video length. Ideally, between 10 seconds and 30 seconds, you can post the footage. In their video editor, you can have even more editing choices.

Email marketing Videos ProYou are good to go when you have finished editing. You have to choose your email answering machine to get an embed code for your campaign. Just copy it to your email campaign and paste it.

Sheep… Now ready will embed your email video.

Video Templates for Email Videos Pro

You can find a lot of videos in almost every niche in the Video Template menu. With these videos, you can choose and begin your campaign.

Email marketing(Software Demo Action Video) for Email Videos Pro

Please see the action video for information on this product.

(Take now your copy (coupon is a $2 discount for “EVP2”)

How do you understand how Email Videos Pro works?. Most of you are now going to ask me about the Price and Funnel goods. Let’s talk about it. Let’s analyze it.

Email Videos Pro Pricing & Funnel

Front End Videos Pro Main Edition + Business Rights $37

  • Complete VIDEOS Inside Email Play Ever App Ever
  • 10x Your effort, clicks, and profits Traffic
  • Works With ALL Autoresponders support
  • Very easy to use
  • Both mobile devices are working
  • DONE FOR YOU Templates for videos
  • Included Commercial Rights

OTO 1: Email Videos Pro UNLIMITED DEAL $67

  • Delete the logo from each video
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Videos
  • 80 Done For You, Personalized Niche Video (Plumber, Restaurant, Gyms, Contractors, etc.)
  • HD 50,000 Professional Stock Videos

OTO 2: Email Videos Pro ELITE Version $67

  • Advanced Features
  • Play Longer Inside Email Videos
  • Customize your video player
  • More integrations with autoresponders
  • More choices for design
  • Panel with Resellers
  • And more features being added at the moment.

OTO 3: Email Videos Pro White Label bundle – $147 / $297

  1. Option 1 – 50 Accounts – $147
  2. Option 2 – Unlimited Account – $297
  3. Option 3 – Unlimited Payment Plan – $97 x 4 Payments
  • License for the full white label and dashboard
  • Add a logo too. video
  • Add, Remove and Manage Clients
  • The white-label of our software dashboard – sold under your name
  • Keeping All Profits
  • Your logo, your company details, your log-in
  • Your Customers See Your Branding
  • In Minutes, Your Own Video Software

OTO 4: Email Videos Pro Agency Marketing Kit $67

  • Complete Done For You Agency Package To Sell Email Video Services
  • Website of the Agency
  • Business Card and Brochures
  • Done Advertisement & Banners for You
  • Done For You Deal & Consumer Agreement!!!
  • Sales Script, Email Swipes
  • Presentation of PowerPoint
  • And a Lot of Many More

OTO 5: Email Videos Pro Software Package – $97

  • 4 of our best-selling Video & Agency Applications for One Insane Low Price.

Grab Your Copy Now (Coupon Is ‘EVP2’ For A $2 Discount)

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Pro and Cons for Email Videos Pro

Email Videos Pro has a positive side that I found poor and inadequate. Let’s see, let’s know what this was.


  • Cloud-based apps, no program on your device has to be downloaded. 
  • Easy four steps to begin the start campaign.
  • Payment(OTP) once and access forever. 
  • Play actual email real videos.
  • Have integrated many email autoresponders.


  • More video editing tools are needed. 
  • You need more videos in your template library.

Videos marketing featuresFAQ

Q. How quick is it to make use of Email Videos Pro?

A. Email Videos Pro is unimaginably easy to access. It isn’t straightforward, so effortless to use. It’s 100% beginner-friendly. You can easily import, edit and send videos to emails to start profiting immediately with a few clicks of buttons. Age, ability, and expertise are not a limit.

Q. What if I don’t want to use Email Videos Pro?

A. Our platform Email Videos Pro is designed to help you make a fantastic profit with ease. We work hard to make sure our operation is smooth. If you don’t like your experience with us, you should only apply for a refund within 14 days of your order. We will process the whole amount back to your account directly.

Q. Are Windows and Mac Email Videos Pro compatible?

A. Email Videos Pro is installed on a secure cloud server. You can log in with any operating program from any system of your choosing.

Q. Do you charge any monthly fees for Email Videos Pro, please?

A. Still not, but to help this fantastic technology, we’re going to charge a monthly fee after this limited-time deal. Make sure you Email Videos Pro. Buy it at this too. This is a low price to save your precious money!

Q. Will, I get some preparation or help for my questions?

A. It’s total. Our specialist team is at your disposal 24X7 to answer any questions you might have. Training videos are included with your order to make you an expert within seconds.

Q. Do I have Email Videos Pro somewhere to download and install?

A. No! Never! You only need to access the app from any browser—nothing you need to import or install. We’re pushing automatic upgrades across the cloud to make the experience more prominent and easier.

If you need something else, we’re going to be a message!


According to my experience, Email Videos Pro is one of the best tools for any email marketing online business. This is a more attractive way to achieve a high rate of audience intensity.

I have used this myself, and I have raised the CTR by more than 20 points. I recommend that you take your copy with my amazing marketing bonuses.

Commercial License for getting Email Videos Pro Included Only If You Act Now!


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